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Immigration to Australia

  • First Fleet

    First Fleet
    First Fleet The first ships arrived from Britan full of British convicts to Botany Bay in NSW. This influx of convicts continued over many decades.
  • Free Settlers

    The first free settlers from England arrive in NSW.
  • Assisted Migrants Arrive

    First Shipload of Assisted Migrants arrive in NSW
  • Bounty System

    Bouty SystemThe bounty system is introduced. Free Settlers receive a payment for each qualified person they encourage to immigrate.
  • German Lutheran

    German Lutheran
    German Lutheran settlers begin arriving in South Australia
  • First German Immigrants

    First German Immigrants
    In 1848 the first non- British immigrant ship arrives in Australia from Germany
  • Gold Rush Begins

    1851 the Gold Rush begun which attracted immigrants from different countries minly from China, Britan, United States and Germany.
  • Victorian Chinese

    Victorian Chinese
    Chinese Immigration Act 1855 (Vic)Victoria passes legislation to limit the entry of Chinese
  • The Fisher Plan - Tumbarumba

    Survey placing the town streets to ensure a tight knit community.
    29 dwellings (miners' huts) are placed on the street plan.
  • Fisher Plan - Tumbarumba - Approved

    The Fisher Plan is endorsed by the Executive Council. Town lots are auctioned.
    Tumbarumba Hotel licensee and storekeeper, Thomas King, purchase several of the best blocks in town.
  • NSW Chinese

    NSW passes legislation to limit the entry of Chinese
    NSW Achives
  • Matthew Bradley 1833-1892

    Matthew Bradley 1833-1892
    Matthew and wife Martha came to Tumbarumba in 1862 and over time acquired farming land. Their later years were spent on the now Tumbarumba Golf Club. Is responsible for the planting of the English Trees along the showgrounds and main street.
  • Kanaka's - Pacific Islanders

    Kanaka's - Pacific Islanders
    Pacific Islanders brought to Australia as cheap labour to work in QLD
  • Patrick O'Brien 1865-1943

    Patrick came out from Ireland to work at Kiandra on the Three Mile Dam.
  • Depression in Australia 1890

    Severe economic depression in the eastern colonies almost halts immigration to the area.
  • WA Pearl Industry

    Increasing amounts of Japanese divers immigrate to Western Australia.
  • Western Australian Gold Rush

    Western Australian Gold Rush
    WA Gold Rush - WikiGold Rush in WA bring immigrants from overseas as well as from the eastern colonies.
  • Federation of Australia

    Federation of Australia
    The six colonies come together to form the Commonwealth of Australia. The consitution give the Commonwealth the power to legislate on immigration but the selection of immigrants remains with the States
  • Immigration Restriction Act

    Immigration_Restriction_Act_1901The Immigration Restriction Act is introduced and a dictation test is used to exclude unwatned immigrants. Basis of White Australia Policy.
  • Naturalisation Act of 1903

    Naturalisation Act
    Naturalisation Act of 1903 is introduced and means non-Europeans can apply for naturalisation.
  • Pacific Islanders Deported

    Pacific Islanders begin to be deported from Queensland.
  • British Immigration Scheme

    Schemes to assist and encourage British immigration revived.
  • World War One

    World War One
    The First World War reduces immigration. Thousands of German-Australians interned as 'enemy aliens' under the War Precautions Act.
  • Empire Settlement Act

    Museum Victoria With the passing of the Empire Settlement Act over 200 000 British immigrate to Australia in the following 10 years.
  • The Great Depression

    The Great Depression
    Great_Depression_in_AustraliaImmigration is brough to a standstill.
  • European Refugees

    Australia agrees to accept European refugees fleeing Nazi persecution.
  • World War 2

    Second World War reduces immigration
  • British Free Passage

    British Immigrants are offered free and assisted passage to Australia.
  • Immigration Malta

    Immigration agreement mae with Malta
  • Citizenship

    Australian Citizenship Introduced
  • Immigration Italy and The Netherlands

    Immigration agreement made with Italy and the Netherlands
  • The Colombo Plan

    The Colombo Plan was started in 1951 by the Commonwealth of Nations so that developed countries of the Commonwealth could help the less developed ones. The Australian Government also promoted the Plan to improve its relationships with Asian countries and dispel negative
    impressions caused by the White Australia Policy.
  • Immigration Euro Countries

    Immigration Agreement made with Austria, Belgium, Greece, West Germany and Spain.
  • Bring Out a Britain

    Bring Out a Britain
    Bring out a BritainBring Out A Britain campaign introduced.
  • Migration Act

    Migration Act introduced. Entry system replaces dictation test.
  • Assisted Passage

    Britains are offered 10 pounds to assist with passage to Australia.
  • Non Discrimination

    Policy of nondiscrimination on the grounds of race, colour or nationalty adopted.
  • Vietnamese Refugees

    First Vietnamese refugees arrive in Australia via boats.