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5/6 B St Michael's Webquest Timeline

By Braybon
  • Period: to

    Historical Events Surrounding the Australian Gold Rush

  • Cook declares Australia "Terra Nullius"

    Cook's declaration that Australia was "Terra Nullius" was saying in the eyes of British Law the country was owned by "NO ONE".
    Therefore Cook believed he could claim it for Britain.
  • House Mouse & Feral Pig introduced

  • Beginning of the Industrial Revolution

    The mechanisation of factories allows for mass production to take place. This has many positive and negative impacts:
    - Cost of goods goes down as mass production takes hold
    - People away from farms to the cities for stable work in the factories
    - Only the rich get richer - Living standards go down
  • 1st Fleet Departs from Great Britain

    This is the beginning of the British colonisation of Australia.
  • Australia Colonised

    Captain Phillip took a party ashore Sydney Cove, raised the British colours and British sovereignty over New South Wales was formally proclaimed.
  • 2nd Fleet Arrive

  • 3rd Fleet Arrive

  • Matthew Flinders Sails around Australia

  • More convicts came to Australia

  • Blaxland, Lawson & Wentworth cross the Blue Mountains (N.S.W)

    This was the first important exploration by the colony
  • Matthew flinders writes his book "Terra Australis"

  • Australia is named

  • The first national bank

  • The first robbery

    Cause: 1828 – The very first robbery of a occurred. Robbers Stoll into the vault of Sydney. Effect: Now today there are many more bank robbers
  • Sarah island established

    Sarah island is found in the far south west corner of Tasmania.
  • 1st Reports of Gold Discovery (Fish River, Bathurst)

  • Maria island settlements established

    1825 saw the first on Maria island.
  • Hobart Female Factory Established

    The Hobart Female Factory was in 1828 and operated until 1856.
  • 2 million sheep

    There are now to million sheep in Australia
  • Aborigines Taken into Captivity

    Between 1830 and 1834, many Aborigines are persuaded to come into captivity in exchange for food, clothing and protection. They are placed on Flinders island in Bass Strait where disease and isolation quickly take their toll.
  • John Batman Melbourne Founded

    Melbourne is founded by John Batman and John Fawkner, both sons of convicts. He promises to pay the local Wurundjeri people in an annual sum of knives, axes, blankets, scissors, handkerchiefs, mirrors, shirts and flour. The British Government declared this agreement with "terra nullius", which states that there was no one who already owned land in Australia.
  • Myall Creek Massacre

    A group white settlers murdered 28 Aboriginal men, woman and children near the creek. Although seven of the killers were tried and hanged.
  • 2nd Report of Gold Discovery (Blue Mountains, N.S.W)

    Explorer who discovered the gold is told to keep it quiet by the Govenor of N.S.W
  • The Arabian Camel was introduced to Australia

    The Arabian Camel was used as a working animal it was also used a medical animal. The Camel was a very helpful animal.
  • Red Fox & Camel Introduced (Feral Animals)

  • Gold Discoveries Kept Quiet!

    Gold discoveries being made are kept quiet by the Government for fear of the effect it would have.
    - Convicts would flee to search for gold
    - The working class would leave the colonies and there would be no one to keep them running
    - How would the government control the gold fields and the chaos it would bring
  • Beginning of the "Stolen Generations"

    European people begin to forcibly take Indigenous people from their families. They did this because they believed their way of life was the best and only way.
  • Victoria become a separate colony to N.S.W

    This means that Victoria has its own government and was not under the rule of the N.S.W colony
  • 1st Payable Gold Discovered at Ophir (N.S.W)

    This is the beginning of the Australian Gold Rush.
  • Gold Discovered in Ballarat

  • White men can vote

    Men can vote as long as they own land and are white.
  • All children must attend school

    The English declared that all children must attend school for education.
  • Uluru first sighted

    First site of Uluru was encountered in 1873.
  • SS Gothenburg sinks

    SS Gothenburg strikes old reef off bowen Queensland killing 104 people.
  • Adelaide Steamship company formed

  • Death of Truganini

    Last full blooded Aboriginal.
  • Kelly gang at large

  • The first congress trade

  • Kelly Captured

    Kelly gang captured in a terrible fight
  • The Premier of New South Wales.

    New South Wales elected everyone to come and discuss the federation
  • The National Australasin convention

    Each colony elected a representatives but Queensland didn't support the federation.
  • Cane Toad Introduced (Feral Animal)

  • Schools

    School made compulosry for children ages between 6-14 yrs of age
  • First Sorry Day Held

    This was a national day that recognised and apologised for the actions that lead to the "Stolen Generations"