history civilization

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    Asoka empire

    Asoka   empire
    Grandso of maya he brilt the gratest empiria india had ever seen.
    Also spread the Buddism because he asumed that religion.
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    Gupta Empire

    Gupta  Empire
    Spread culture education and philosophy.
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    Marya empire

    Marya   empire
    Unifred India under one absolute power giving order and peace.
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    persian empire

    persian  empire
    Achivements The persians spread their religion, their system of bureacury.
  • 539

    babilonia rises again

    babilonia  rises  again
    Achiements babilonia again became a center of learning an science.
  • Aug 27, 1046


    china is located in the east of asia.
  • Aug 27, 1046

    china effects on civilization

    china  effects  on  civilization
    china has natural borders , that eparated them , for that reason, they did not know about egypt , greece and other civilizations that we have studied.
  • Aug 27, 1046

    yellow river

    yellow  river
    it`s second longest river in china,the name in chinese is huang , it gives soil for the farming.
  • Aug 27, 1100

    mediterranean civilization

    mediterranean  civilization
    Is divide in two Phoenician and Israelites
  • Aug 27, 1100


    location be tuing mesopotamia and egyhpt in the sycia coast.
    colonies north of africa and spain.
    goerment central executed by king.
    main achivements

    Important cities tyre sidon ciden
  • Aug 27, 1122

    the zhou dynasty

    the  zhou   dynasty
    shang in about 1122 he goverment .

    over 1,000 years
  • Aug 16, 1365

    Assyrians empire

    Assyrians  empire
    Achivements They invented the battering ram, a powerfal weapon having a wooden beam mounted on wheels
  • Aug 28, 1500

    ancient india

    ancient   india
    geography located in south asia next to indian ocean has the indus river and ganges river and has Himalaya on the north.
    politic had two systems in different movements Republish and monarchy.
    Economy they were principally farmers but also has trade.
    religion had two Hinduism politeist or phanteist , buddhism monoteist.
  • the shang dynasty

    the  shang  dynasty
    Around 1760 they invented the first chinese writing system
  • babylonia empire

    babylonia   empire
    Achivements The empire or an area of many territories and peoples that is controlled by one goverment
  • desert protection

    desert  protection
    The desert protect them from foreign atacks , mesopotamia did not hab it but egypt not isolated the treed through mediterranean and red sea with eache and with the night africa
  • Israelites

    Israelites were nomands semities made slaves by babilonia for egypt.
    location eanan for two centures.
    kingdome is divide in two Israel and judan is discalpear still exist is Both had a war with the Asyrians.
  • mesopotamia empire

    mesopotamia   empire
  • Egypt

    ubication is located in the north east of africa next to main cities giza and menphis.
    economic activity farming and traders
    religion politeist

    achivements math and medicine
  • Goverment of egypt

    Goverment  of  egypt
    in egypt that a central goverment , with absolute ruler.
    that is cold Pharaoh in egypt exist many dysnaties {31 along the history} historias group eegypt´s dynasties in tree
  • social organization of egypt

    social   organization  of   egypt
    pharaoh and his family
    priest and nubles
    artisans and traders
    pensants , farmers
  • The course of the alie

    The  course  of   the  alie
    It is the world's longest river {6,400 kilometers}

    around egypt, their is a dessert bath the river giver a cultibation both niear to the mediterranean eat whit resourses.
    Eber esbreng the river grew, up bringing are riche sebemend cold sea , by summer the river spelled over its bangs , mecaning the land idea for farming