Historical Events in Jamaica

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  • Feb 14, 1492

    Jamaica Land Discovered

    Jamaica Land Discovered
    In 1492, Jamaica was discovered by Europeans when Christopher Columbus sailed to the New World.
  • Period: Feb 14, 1492 to

    Historic Events in Jamaica

  • Feb 14, 1509

    Land Claimed

    Land Claimed
    In 1509 the land of Jamaica was claimed by the Spanish.
  • Land Seized

    Land Seized
    In 1655 the land of Jamaica is seized by the British.
  • Treaty of Madrid

    Treaty of Madrid
    Jamaica is formally owned by the British. The land becomes the world's largest sugar exporting nation.
  • Earthquake

    The Jamaican capital Port Royal was destroyed by an earthquake, Spanish Town became the new capital and Kingston was founded.
  • Slavery Abolished

    Slavery Abolished
    In 1838 slavery was abolished.
  • Morant Bay Rebellion

    Morant Bay Rebellion
    Freed slaves rebel against the British.
  • New Constitution Adopted

    New Constitution Adopted
    In 1884 the British in Jamaica adopted a new constitution.
  • WWI

    A group of 500 men were sent to fight in WWI.
  • PNP

    The People's National Party is founded by Norman Manley.
  • WWII

    WWII took place from 1939-1945
  • Atomic Bomb

    In August of 1945 the United States dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki
  • Federation of the West Indies

    Federation of the West Indies
    Jamaica becomes a member of the Federation of the West Indies.
  • Federation

    Jamaica withdrawals from the Federation of the West Indies
  • Independence

    Jamaica becomes independent, under prime minister Alexander Bustamante.
  • New Money

    New Money
    First use of nickel coin in Jamaica.
  • PNP

    Michael Manley becomes prime minister for the PNP
  • Substantial Aid

    Substantial Aid
    Edward Seaga becomes prime minister and the US grants the government substantial aid as the country distances itself from Cuba
  • New Drug

    New Drug
    Canasol a new drug used to treat glaucoma was introduced by Professor Manley West.
  • Hurricane

    Hurricane Gilbert devastates part of Jamaica.
  • Prime Minister

    Prime Minister
    Michael Manley returns as prime minister.
  • Retirement

    Michael Manley retires.
  • Hurricane

    Hurricane Ivan strikes in Jamaica.
  • PNP

    Portia Simpson Miller becomes the firsrt female PM in March.
  • PNP

    Bruce Goulding becomes PM of the PNP.