High School

  • First Day of High School

    An eager, yet terrified, Walker entered Etowah High School for the first time.
  • Repeating of Freshman Year

    A frustrated Walker found himself repeating his Freshman year.
  • Period: to

    High School Career

  • Official Start of Sophomore Year

    After struggling for a second time with his Freshman year, Walker began to move up the ranks in his high school career by beginning Sophomore year.
  • Start of Junior year

    After getting his act together, Walker began his Junior year without any troubles.
  • Start of SENIOR YEAR!

    Walker kept his act together throughout his Junior year and progressed without any complications to his Senior Year.
  • Graduation

    After many trials and tribulations throughout his high school career, Walker will graduate and begin the life he has been so eager for for many years.