Libya's Operation Dignity: June 2014

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  • Hifter Escalates

    Hifter Escalates
    Hifter’s forces launch a ground assault and helicopter strikes against Islamist strongholds in Benghazi. Both Islamist militias and Hifter’s forces fired rockets and mortars into contested areas. One of the air strikes hit the headquarters of the Rafallah Sahati militia. A stray rocket hit a power station knocking out power in much of the city.
  • Hifter's Forces Take Sidi Faraj

    Hifter's Forces Take Sidi Faraj
    Residents of Benghazi reported clashes between Hifter’s forces and Ansar al-Sharia on the outskirts of Benghazi. Hifter's planes bombarded Sidi Faraj, Qawarsha, and Benina. Hifter's forces announced their control over the contested Sidi Faraj section of Benghazi.
  • Military Assists Hifter's Forces

    Military Assists Hifter's Forces
    A military source claimed that 3 thunderbolt brigades were fighting alongside Hifter’s forces to target an Ansar al-Sharia stronghold in Qawarsha. They are the 1st, 21st, and 36th Brigades.
  • Hifter Strikes Teeka Airstrip

    Hifter Strikes Teeka Airstrip
    Hifter's air force shelled the Teeka area in western Benghazi Hifter’s spokesman, Mohammad Hijazi, said that an airstrip in the area was targeted by militants who intended to use it. He also denied the rebels' claim that they had downed a plane.
  • 11 of Hifter's Forces Captured

    11 of Hifter's Forces Captured
    The February 17 Brigade in Benghazi claimed that it clashed with Hifter’s forces today, leading to one casualty and 3 wounded in its ranks. The brigade also claimed that it had taken 11 soldiers from Hifter’s forces captive. A spokesman for Hifter’s forces said that 48 ASL fighters were killed and 68 others were wounded.
  • Five ASL Leaders Captured

    Five ASL Leaders Captured
    Mohammad Hijazi, the spokesman for Hifter's campaign, said that Hifter’s forces took 5 Ansar al-Sharia fighters captive during clashes yesterday in Sidi Faraj and Hawari. He identified one of them as Mohammad al-Gharabi.
  • Islamists Beseige Benina

    Islamists Beseige Benina
    A media source in Benghazi reported that Islamists besieged the Benina base used by Hifter’s forces, and said that violent clashes were still taking place throughout the city, calling Hifter’s claim to have secured Sidi Faraj into question.
  • Hifter Imposes Curfew

    Hifter Imposes Curfew
    The Libyan authorities issued a curfew in Benghazi due to the ongoing violent clashes between Hifter’s forces and militants. 12 deaths were reported in the 24 hour period – 9 members of Hifter’s forces and 3 militants. Islamists claim that Hifter’s forces would use the curfew to invade the city.
  • Clashes in Benghazi

    Clashes in Benghazi
    Clashes occurred in Benghazi between Hifter and the Feb. 17 rebels, and Hifter’s forces shelled areas on the outskirts of Benghazi, including Hawari, Sidi Faraj, and Qawarsha. The Feb. 17 rebels responded by launching Grads and artillery shells towards Benina, where Hifter’s forces are based.
  • Hifter Outlines Ceasefire Conditions

    Hifter Outlines Ceasefire Conditions
    Hifter announced that his forces were looking into the possibility of a ceasefire at the end of the month. Hifter outlined stipulations for such a ceasefire, including militant groups giving up their arms.
  • Qawarsha Demonstrations

    Qawarsha Demonstrations
    On Thursday night, families in Qawarsha demonstrated in front of the Feb. 17 Brigade headquarters in Benghazi, and demanded to know the fate of their loved ones who work in the brigade or in Ansar al-Sharia.
  • Hifter Bombs Qanfoudah

    Hifter Bombs Qanfoudah
    Hifter’s forces bombed the western Benghazi area of Qanfoudah.
  • Tanks Spread Through Benghazi

    Tanks Spread Through Benghazi
    Residents of Benghazi reported that tanks have spread throughout Benghazi, and civilians were fleeing following clashes between Hifter’s forces and Islamist militants.
  • Clashes in Central Benghazi

    Clashes in Central Benghazi
    Militants set fire to sections of the central Benghazi port and launched an attack on the security directorate in the city. Four people were reported killed and 17 were injured in clashes between Hifter’s forces and Islamists.
  • Militants Target Plane

    Militants Target Plane
    ASL militants attempted to take down one of Hifter's planes conducting strikes in Benghazi.
  • Militants Launch Missiles at Benina

    Militants Launch Missiles at Benina
    One person was killed and 2 wounded from a Grad missile strike in Benina, where Hifter’s forces are located. The missile strike was reportedly launched by the Feb. 17 brigade in the Qawarsha and Sidi Faraj sections of Benghazi and came as retaliation for various strikes carried out by Hifter’s forces.
  • Islamist Brigade Violates Ceasefire

    Islamist Brigade Violates Ceasefire
    The Rafallah al Sahati Brigade attacked a military convoy heading to secure polling sites in the Qawarsha and Qanfoudah areas of Benghazi. Three soldiers were killed in the attack and around 20 wounded. Media reports identify Isma’il al Salabi as the Raf Allah al-Sehaati Brigade’s leader. In related news, the Feb. 17 Brigade launched missiles at Hifter’s forces.
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