Hero Timeline

  • Hero Questions

    We had to define a hero. My definition of hero is someone who risks their lives to save another person's life/lives
  • Subway Story

    We watched the Subway story toady. I thought what he did was heroic because he saved that man's life, risking his own in the process.
  • Period: to


  • Why Courage Matters and Roy Benedives

    We listened to Roy's military story today. What he did was truely heroic. I was awestruck at what he risked to save those other eight people and how fast he acted to help.
    John McCain described that the term "hero" is thrown around too lightly nowadays. I agree with him.
  • Interveiw of Kristi Quillen, Peace Core volunteer

    After watching the interveiw, I decided that Kristi was very helpful and kind, however I don't really think she qualifies as a hero in my terms.
  • Hero's Journey Assignment

    Today we got the assignment including our calendar.
  • Perhaps a Choice?

    I think I may be doing Hayaoy Miuysaki, the creater of Studio Ghibli. I love his art and his movies touch my heart.
  • Who I Choose

    Instead of Hayaoy Miuysaki, I have chosen Theodore Gueisel. (Dr. Suess)
  • Heroes in Literature

    Today we are prompted the Heroes in literature. We looked over the heros of To Kill a Mockingbird, Tale of Two Cities, and By the Waters of Babalon.
    In all stories, I have found that the author's themselves are the heroes, compared to the characters.
  • Broadening Veiw of a Hero

    We found, even poeple like Hitler, can be considered a hero. We saw kids and adults alike being heroic. Catagoies can include Bravery, Political, Inventers, Artists, Entertainers, and Religions.
  • Change the World Power Point part 1

    We discussed differnet videos of change and how we get to the change. Out of all, I loved the Badly Drawn Boy "Year of the Rat" and find it is the most moving one of them all. I think the Badly Drawn Boy could be a hero.
  • Change the World Power Point part 2

    We saw more videos, including We are the Youth of Today. I found it as a more realistic veiw of the world and how it is slowly changing while resisting change.
  • First Post Due

  • Second Blog Due

  • Share Quote from Biographies

    Today I shared a quote about Dr. Suess to the class. I listened to everyone else's hero and quote. I think there will be some interesting papers because some of the people were interesting.