Heat by Mike Lupica - Fiction - 220

By bman1
  • heat, chapter 4, pg. 0-26

    in this chapter michael arroyo is pitching in his all star teams baseball game. this girl is standing behind the outfield fence and watches michael practically annihalate the whole entire team with strikeouts.
  • HEAT, to the end of chapter 6, pg. 26-47

    In this chapter michael and his brother are really debating on what they are gonna tell people when they ask where their father is. and since he is dead and they are both living on their own if anyone finds out, they will both have to be taken to child services.
  • heat, ch. 10, pg 47-67

    this chapter is mainly about michael pitching in a game against his rivals. but the the game gets heated and towards the end of the game, michael gets pelted in the head by the other pitcher.
  • HEAT, chapter 12, pg. 67-84

    in this chapter the head chief came up to michael and wanted to thank him for taking down the crook with his amazing arm. and wanted to take a picture with him, his brother and his dad. but he cant tell anyone his dad is dead or bot his brother and him will get thrown into foster homes.
  • HEAT mike lupica ch.14 pg84-97

    this chapter is mainly about a man that is trying to help michael out with his birth certificate problem and he keeps trying to say that he needs the help of his father but the man doesnt know that michaels dad is dead.
  • HEAT chapter 18, pg. 97-130

    in this chapter michael finally starts to talk to the girl that he really likes. and they find out that they actually have some stuff in common.
  • HEAT ch. 26 pg.130-190

    in this chapter michaels baseball team got into another brawl but this time it was a little worse. and the whole team on both sides got into the fight.
  • HEAT ch.28 pg. 190- 220

    this is the end of the book and the story ends with that michael got to meet el grande in person and the clippers got to play in yankee stadium for the little league world series.