• WWI

    Trench Warfare leaves 10,000's of soliders with numerous diseases because of constant damp quarters and a myriad of rats.
  • Influenza Outbreak

    Influenza outbreak strikes from 1918 and continues through 1919, kills more people than WWI does.
  • WWII

    World War II causes numerous health problems including poisoning from nuclear radiationa and mustard gas, as well as skin cancer, frostbite, and influenza, among other diseases
  • Nuclear Bombings of Japan

    USA drops two nuclear bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, killings more people in the lasting chemical poisoning than in the initial explosion. Radiation causes many diseases, mainly different types of cancer.
  • Polio

    The Poliomyelitis vaccine was invented during the 1950's, curing millions through out the planet
  • Asian Flu

    Flu strain recognized in the far east, made its way into the US in 1958 and killed over 700,000
  • AIDS

    AIDS is recognized by the world; known as the plague of the 20th century