Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling, fiction, 435 pages

  • 26 pages

    Harry Potter was on summer break and was soon going to enter his 3rd year at Hogwarts. It is also his birthday and he gets a ohone call from Ron and letters from Ron, Hermione, and Hagrid. Then his Aunt Marge comes to visit from a week, who he hates. pages 1-26; (total 26)
  • Chapter 4, 29 pages

    Harry blows up his Aunt Marge, and then runs away. He discovers the Knight Bus and it takes him to the leaky Cauldron. He meets up with Ron and Hermione in Diagon Alley a few days before they leave on the Hogwarts Express. pages 27-55; (55 total)
  • Chapter 5, 13 pages

    Hermione thinks about buying an owl with her early birthday money, but she ends up getting a cat. Harry, Ron, and Hermione will be leaving to Hogwarts soon, on the Hogwarts Express. pages 55-68; (total 68 pages)
  • Chapter 6, 36 pages

    On the Hogwarts Express express, Harry encounters a Dementor for the first time. He also sees his new Defese Against the Dark Arts teacher, Professor Lupin. Ron, Hermione, and Harry arrive to Hogwarts. Pages 65-101; total 101 pages
  • Chapter 7, 21 pages

    Harry, Ron, and Hermione all get to school. They have Hagrids creature class on their first day back, using the Monster Book. Draco Malfoy gets kicked by a creature they study in Hagrid's class. Pages 101-122; 122 total pages
  • Chanper 9, 39 pages

    Ron and Hermione go to hogsmeade, but harry Potter cant, because no one had signed his permission form. Many of the students at Hogwarts like defense Against the Dark Arts class now because they always have a cool lesson, like the Boggarts. Pages 122-161; 161 total pages
  • Chapter 11, 49 pages

    Harry Potter and his quidditch team train for a match against Slytherin. At the last minute, Slytherin says they can't play, so they play Hufflepuff instead. During the match, dementors appear, and Harry falls off his broom onto the ground. Ron and hermione go to Hogsmeade. Pgaes 161-210; 210 total pages
  • Chapter 14, 58 pages

    Harry gets a Firebolt broom from someone anonymous for Christmas. His proofessors check it to make sure it's not jinxed. He participates in a quiddatch match against Ravenclaw witht eh Firebolt and wins. Pages 211-269; 269 total pages
  • Chapter 15, 40 pages

    Ron wakes up in the middle of the night yelling. It's because he thinks Sirius Black was in the room over him with a knife. Turns out that it wasn't a dream and he really was there. Pages 269-301; 301 total pages
  • Chapter 17, 49

    Harry plays in a quidditch match against Slthyerin with his new Firebolt broom. Gryffindor ends up winning not only the game, but the whole quidditch cup too! Pages 301-350' 350 total pages
  • Chapter 20. 26 pages

    Ron, Hermione, and Harry Potter go inside the Whomping Williow, and discover Sirius Black, and professor Lupin. They discover that Rons rat, Scabbers, is actually peter Pettigrew. The reson Harry's parents die is not Sirius Black's fault, but Pettigrew's. They are going to send him to Azkaban. pages 351-377; (377 total pages)
  • Chapter 21, 30 pages

    Sirius Black is now locked up in the castle, and is soon to have the Dementors Kiss. Hermione and Harry Potter tell Dumbledore that Siris is innocent and he believes them. pages 377-407; (407 total pages)
  • Chapter 22, 28 pages

    Dumbledore allows Hermione and Harry Potter to use a time turner to go back in time, so that they can save innocent lives. They end up saving both Buckbeak, and Sirius Black. pages 407-435 (435 total pages)