Hanford Nuclear Powerpllant

By sevanna
  • Period: to

    Hanford Nuclear Powerplant

  • WWII

    Japan attacks United States air base, at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
  • Hanford Nuclear Powerplant

    Hanford Nuclear Powerplant is established for the creation of plutonium that the United States use for the first atomic bomb.
  • Hanford Nuclear Powerplant

    Plutonium production begins at the Hanford Nuclear site, releasing radioisotopes into the environment.
  • United States Takes Action In WWII

    The Fat Man Bomb is released on Nagasaki, Japan.
  • Hanford's Secrets Revealed

    19,000 documents of Hanford's activity during the earlier years of plutonium production was released.
  • HHDR is Created

    Hanford Historical Document Reveiew comitee was formed.
  • Hanford's Secrets Revealed Again

    An additional 20,000 pages were released about Hanfor'd activity in its earlier years.
  • Hanford Nuclear Powerplant

    Hanford Nuclear Site is shutdown and all nuclear activity is stopped.
  • Tri- Party Agreement

    Tri-Party Agreement was created.
  • Clean-up

    Scientists estimate that all cleanups will be complete.