Guatemalan genocide

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    The cultural dress of the Mayan already distinguished them from others.
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    The indigenous people were looked down upon and were seen as inferior. They were compared to “bugs” and were called “sinners”.
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    The Mayan were classified as a second class by the Guatemalan government, making them less important symbols and lower in ranks. In the 16th century Spanish explorers conquered Guatemala and since then were slaves and have been seen as minorities.
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    Over 600 villages were destroyed. Over 200,000 Mayans were killed or “disappeared”. More than 150,000 became refugees to Mexico. Children were tortured and raped, and were left to slowly die.
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    The Mayan were racially discriminated against. There were crime such as force disappearance, murder, torture, etc.
  • Guatemalan civil war

    Guatemalan civil war
    The Guatemalan civil war begins between the government’s army and the left-wing groups due to the inequalities in the economic and political life. This is the beginning of the 36 years long conflict in Guatemala. Picture:
  • Protest against the repressive government

    Protest against the repressive government
    The Mayan(Mayans are a group of indigenous peoples living in Guatemala, they are the persecuted of this genocide) people participated in a protest against the government for greater equality for the Mayan because at the time they were compared to ‘bugs’ and were called ‘sinners’. They were also demanding for inclusion of the Mayan culture. Picture:
  • Students protest against violence

    Students protest against violence
    12,000 students of the Universidad de San Carlos protest against the rate of violent crime caused by the government, the violence has shaken Guatemalans for many years. Students were demanding the end of the state of siege.(State of siege was imposed by the Guatemalan government, in which civil rights were suspended.) Picture:
  • The beginning of the Guatemalan genocide

    The beginning of the Guatemalan genocide
    The beginning of the Guatemalan genocide. The Guatemalan targeted the Mayans because they are considered to be supporting the guerrillas.( A group of people who take in fighting especially against bigger forces.)
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    The killing against the Mayan peak during 1978 to 1986.
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    Armies were created to kill the indigenous. The Guatemalan government received support from the U.S. as part of the U.S. anti-communist policies.
  • Massacre in Panzos

    Massacre in Panzos
    Massacre in Panzos was a fight between the peasants and the government. It started when villagers marched to Panzos to insist on their claims to the land.(Over the years they have been losing their lands to large landowners, politicians, and the military.) However, when they arrived, the army and landowners were there. The soldiers opened fire at the peasants, killing 140 and wounded 300. Picture:
  • Operation Sophia

    Operation Sophia
    Guatemalan army instituted “Operation Sophia”, which was targeted at the Mayan people due to the belief that they support the guerrillas( A group of people who take in fighting especially against bigger forces.) Picture:
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    Guatemalan Genocide

    During the 3 years period, the Guatemalan army destroyed 625 villages. Killing more than 250,000 and displaced 1.5 million people in addition.
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    The government formed a military group in order to prosecute civilians. “Operation Sophia” was carried out by the government.
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    The divisions increased between the indigenous and civilian. “Scorched Earth” policy was instituted by the government. The policy aimed to destroy buildings, crops, livestock, and supplies.
  • Efrain Rio Montt

    Efrain Rio Montt
    Efrain Rios Montt(Rios Montt was an army general and politician. Guatemalan dictator) came to power in Guatemala, through a coup d’etat where he was the leader. He replaced Lucas Garcia. Picture:
  • Genocide under Riots Montt

    Genocide under Riots Montt
    Rios Montt strategy was “Operation Sophia”. Under Rios Montt, at least 250,000 children were estimated to have lost at least 1 parent. The Guatemalan military targeted children and the elderly, in many cases children were killed in front of their parents using brutal methods. Picture:
  • Dos Erres

    Dos Erres
    The army special forces attacked Dos Erres, a small village. In the span of three days, an estimated 250 villagers were killed. Picture:
  • Rios Montt overthrown

    Rios Montt overthrown
    Rios Montt is overthrown out of power, and is replaced by General Oscar Humberto Mejia Victores. Picture:
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    In 1988, the trials against the people who were in the “civil patrol” began. In 1996, the peace accord was signed ending the 36 years of conflict.
  • The Peace Accord

    The Peace Accord
    The Peace Accord is signed ending the 36 years of conflict. Picture: