Group Task Newsletter

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  • First group meeting

    As this was the first day that all three of us were here, we had our first meeting, in which we decided on the group leader, Brooke, by vote, and which part of the assignment we would each do.
  • First group meeting

    It was decided to work on a section each, with Morgan working on Section A, legislation and obligations, Brooke on Section B, WHS officer and committees, and me on Section C, WHS policies and procedures. We also decided to have a rough draft of each of our individual sections by 1st May, so as to meet deadlines, and what template we would use.
  • Second group meeting

    As today we had decided that we would have a rough draft completed to see how well each other was doing, we realised that none of us had completed one due to the individual task. However, we did show each other what we had done, gave each other feedback, but we have decided that it is a more pressing matter to finish our first draft of our personal assignments as they are due next week, and to work on our group assignment in our own time.
  • Work on draft

    We decided to spend this whole lesson just working on getting our section of the draft completed. For me, this deciding on which of the bullet points i would cover, finding legislation regarding those bullet points, and using it to write a paragraph that would make the employees more knowledgable in those areas.
  • 3rd Group Meeting and Draft Due

    We each finalised our seperate sections of the assignment, adding in as much as we could in the time we had left, trying to meet our word limit, and collated all our information and put it into the form of a newsletter. We then made the newsletter look suitable to the content we added, and printed it out.
  • Recieved draft feedback

    We received our timetoast and newsletter draft back with feedback, and realised that almost none of the information we had written was on the actual draft we handed in. The duty of putting all our information together was Morgan's job, and as a result, we have ended up with little - nothing in Brooke's case- feedback.
  • Received draft feedback

    After being very annoyed that most of the work we did, did not end up being marked, we have decided redo the newsletter, fix up our timetoast, and fix up our information. I finished my section of the information today.
  • Reflection of group work

    Our group worked fairly efficiently as a team, each deciding on what we would do, and setting dates to have them done by. We had group meetings most days that everyone was here, to find how each person was getting along with their work, and if we needed to focus on something else that day, such as our individual assignments, or if we needed to just work on this newsletter. Any misunderstandings were sorted out as soon as was possible, and all the work was completed in time.
  • Last day in class

    As I had already finished my part of the information, today was spent fixing up timetoast, and making sure all of everyones information was finished, and finishing our new version of the newsletter. We sorted out what had happened to the draft version that was handed in, and it was just a technical glitch that was oversighted.
  • Final Draft Due