Group Political Parties Timeline

By neilpmc
  • Democratic Republicans

    Democratic Republicans
    The Democratic Republicans spanned from 1791-1825. The leaders wer John Quicy Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Monroe and James Madison. The party was created to emphasize their anti-aristocratic policies. Their candidates were Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison.
  • Democrats

    The spanned from 1792-1828
    The leader was Andrew Jackson.
    The party was created when the Democratic Republicans evolved into the modern-day Democrats. Their candidate was Andrew Jackson, he was elected president.
  • Federalists Creation

    Federalists Creation
    Feeralists spanned from 1794-1823
    The leaders were Alexander Hamilton, John Adams, and John Marshall.
    It wascreated because the federalists favored strong central government. John Adams was the federalist candidate. He was elected President of the United States of America.
  • Modern Day Democrats

    Modern Day Democrats
    The party spanned from 1828-present.
    The party was created because their weere many tensions before and after the Civil War.
    The party's leader is Barack Obama.
    The party's candidate is Barack Obama.
  • Modern Day Republicans

    The party spanned from 1855-present.
    The leader was the Joseph Medill.
    The party was created to make pro-prohibitionist party.
    The party's candidate was Mitt Romney.
  • Progressive Party

    Progressive Party
    The Progressive Party spanned from 1912-1952.
    The leader was Teddy Roosevelt.
    The party was created to improve working conditions.
    The party's candidate was Teddy Roosevelt.
  • Libertarian Party

    The Libertarian Party has spanned from 1971-present.
    The leader was Marshall Fritz.
    The party was created as an alternative for those who felt that the traditional Democrats were too economically liberal and the traditional Republicans were too socially conservative.
    The party's candidate was Gary Johnson.
    The party's candidate is Gary Johnson.
  • Green Party

    Green Party
    The party spanned from 1991-present.
    The party was created as a voluntary association for State Green Parties. Their candidate is Jill Stein. Their leader is Peter Beaven-Baker.