Group Assingment

  • Period: to

    BCT Assignment

  • First Group Meeting

    In this meeting we were first given our task sheet. We discussed what we needed to do as a group to complete the set task. We gave a vote and decided that Brooke would be our team leader and that myself (Morgan) would take notes in all meetings. William was given the role of time keeper and from this we worked out the finer details of our group. We have come to the conclusion that I will be completing part A, Brooke B and William part C. This was decided on personal choice and everyone was happy
  • Meeting Minutes and Agenda were distributed

    This is were we distributed the minutes of our first meeting, we discussed the progress of our groupd and if there was anything that we needed help with. We are working well as a team and so far have had no conflict. The meeting helped us decided what is going to benigit the team and we have decided that we would like to have a rough copy of the group assingment to hand in next week, so that Brooke knows we are on track and not falling behind.
  • Work on the Individual Task

    Due to the fact that the individual task is due next week, as a group we have decided that it would be benificial to devote the lessons work to the task. As a team we have decided that it would be best to work on the assingment both in class and at home, this will ensure that we are keeping up to date and that the assigment draft will be of a high standard.
  • Individual Task

    Having started the individual task in school today, I have decided to continue work on it this afternoon when I arrive at home. I have completed half of the assingment and am planning to start on the second half next lesson.
  • Starting the group assignment

    Due to the fact that the due date for the group assingment is coming up, I have started to gather information on the group assingment. I have partially completed this and am feeling confident.
  • Second Team Meeting

    Today we have discussed the progress on our group work. We have made a note of the fact that the draft due date is coming up and that we need to br prepared. This is fine and every one is making good progress. As a team we are more then half way through the group assignment; Brooke is doing well with her work as are Will and I. We have planned out what template we will be using and have started putting information in. So far there has been no conflict in the group.
  • Putting the work together

    Today we have put together of group work and used a word template to set out the different areas. The draft is looking good and is ready for submission