Green energy

Green Power

By Wubbles
  • SOPA Passes

    SOPA Passes
    SOPA, the bill restricting the use of the world wide web has passed.After nearly destroying the .com, .net, .org, and many other registry hosts, the world wide web has become extremely country based bringing the great firewall of china to everyones homefront.
  • ACTA Passes

    ACTA Passes
    ACTA, SOPA's sister bill has now passed as well, further restricting the usage rights of the world wide web not only to Americans, but to everyone world wide as well.
  • Government revokes all sanctions against improper toxic waste disposal

    Government revokes all sanctions against improper toxic waste disposal
    Toxic waste now runs down the streets of small towns and major cities due to the governments new lack of proper disposal sanctions, many are ill and dying, as the habitats of people and all other living things alike are destroyed.
  • Military Takeover

    Military Takeover
    What seemed like a normal independence day has turned into a massive blood stain on our countries timeline, the military has been issued the order to subdue all citizens under the new order of the "President". With Tyrany and Dictatorship on our horizon, we have to get out.
  • Freedom day

    Freedom day
    A little over a month of dealing with our new dictator, we have finaly found our way out. we have found a newly discovered remote island off the coast of Texas. With the covering fire of the Texans, and our knowledge of the tunnel systems formerly used by immigrants, we should be able to make it in one piece. It will not be an easy journey.