Green Party

By tarisw
  • Green Movement

    when the Green Party was originally founded in1984
  • Meetings Of The Green

    The first offical U.S. Green organizing meetings took place in 1984. where
  • Candadite of the Green

    the first green party candiate was able to appear on the ballot in 1986
  • Party Candadite

    green party was more utalized as a local level, but managed to have a candadite appear on the ballot.
  • States go Green

    Many staes began to have an official ballot line for the Green Party once after Alaska and even California
  • Presidential Primary

    New Mexico decided not to go to a presidential primary. Yett things were looking pretty swell for the Green Party.
  • (NASGP)

    In 1996, variious state green parties joined together to form the Association of state green parties outside the greens/green Party USA.
  • roots

    Green Party of the United States, can trace its roots to the formation of the ASGP in 1996
  • Support

    Winona LaDuke and Ralph Nader was big supporters to the Green Party candidates.
  • Assemble

    Green party met with several states to build their stock and growth for which a meeting would take place in 1999 in Conneticut.
  • nominee

    Ralph Nader was nominated by the NASGP as a green presidential candidate
  • National

    national status was filed by the Green Party with the FEC

    Ralph Nader was also endorsed by TG/GPUSA. In July 2001, the name was changed to the Green Party of the United States (GPUS).
  • American

    Green Party USA and the principles guiding it will be a significant part of whatever future unfolds.
  • Exclusion

    Since Ralph Nader was never a registerd Green. he ended up running as an independent when he spltted from the G.P.
  • New Nominee

    David Cobb was the nominated as the presidential primary for the Green Party after Randle was no longer there.
  • Green Party of today

    Today the green party is more well known. In 2012 there were 136 elected members of the Green Party.
  • Green Party registered

    As the years went by the Green Party group was more relevant to society and by 2005 305,000 people were registered as Green Party members.