Greek Archaic Period Timeline

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  • -757 BCE

    The First Messenian War

    The First Messenian War
    The first war fought between the city-state Sparta and the Messenians. A fierce rivalry existed between the two city-states who were in close proximity to one another. While there are multiple catalyst to the war the one thought to have started the fighting was the theft of cattle from the Messenian Olympic Champion. The war was violent and bloody with Sparta reigning victorious and dominating Messenia however more wars would occur between the states.
  • -754 BCE

    Polydorus becomes king of Sparta

    Polydorus commanded the Spartan forces during the First Messenian War. He is believed to have changed the Spartan constitution so that kings and the Gerousia (the spartan council of elders) could reject decisions made by the male citizen body.
  • -725 BCE

    The Lelantine War

    The Lelantine War
    Fought between the two city states Chalcis and Eretria both located on Greek's second largest island Euboea. The conflict began with both sides laying claim to the fertile land of the Lelantine Plain, both sides gained allies. While the ultimate outcome is unclear Chalcis was most likely the victor but both sides had lost power economically and politically.
  • -719 BCE

    Death of Polydorus

    Was murdered by Polymarchus
  • -690 BCE

    Pheidon becomes tyrant of Argos

    Pheidon seized control of the city state of Argos who was controlled by a weak monarchy. He ruled with toughness but Argos prospered and grew in strength during his reign.
  • -685 BCE

    The Second Messenian War

    Another conflict between the city states Sparta and Messenia, started with a Messenia slave uprising.
  • -665 BCE

    The Second Messenian War Ends

    Sparta was once again the victor of the war and returned Messenia back to their slave status. The war resulted in Sparta gaining a lot of military power.
  • -656 BCE

    Cypselus becomes the tyrant of Corinth

  • -642 BCE

    Battus establishes a Greek colony in Cyrene and Libya

    Battus I of Cyrene was the founder of the first Greek colony in Cyrene and the founder of the Battiad Dynasty.
  • -632 BCE

    Cylon seizes Acropolis

    Athenian noble Cylon seizes Acropolis, fails to make himself king
  • -590 BCE


    Sappho the greek poet flourishes on Lesbos
  • -525 BCE

    Cambyses II

    Persian Cambyses II (son of Cyrus the Great) takes Egypt
  • -515 BCE


    Hippias becomes sole rule of Athens are the death of Hipparchus