Greece History Kian

  • 146

    The battle of Corinth

    The battle of Corinth was a roman war.
  • 323

    Alexander the Great

    Alexander the Great dies
  • 326

    The battle of Hydaspes

    Alexander the Great lead the troops.
  • 332

    Siege of Tyre

    The siege of Tyre was when the city of Tyre was sieged by Alexander the Great.
  • 336

    Alexander the Great

    Alexander the Great becomes king of Macedonia.
  • 377

    Peace of Antalcidas

    The Peace of Antalcidas is a cause guaranteeing the Greek cities independence.
  • 429

    Plague of Athens

    The Plague of Athens was a devastating epidemic.
  • 447

    The Parthenon was started

    The parthenons construction began.
  • 460

    Golden Era

    Perikles leads Athen through its golden era.
  • 500


    Heraclitus, early greek philosepher was born.
  • Sep 10, 776

    First Olympics

    The first olympics were held
  • Sep 10, 1100

    Dorians Invasion

    The Dorians invade Ancient Greece.
  • Sep 10, 1194

    The Trojan War

    The start of the Trojan war.