Great Gatsby Timeline

  • Chapter I

    Tom sees Gatsby for the first time as he holds out his hands towards a green light coming from East Egg.
  • Chapter II

    Nick finds out more about Tom cheating on his wife, Daisy, with Myrtle
  • Chapter III

    Nick meets Gatsby.
  • Chapter IV

    Gatsby tells Nick about himself and introduces him to Mr. Wolfsheim; Gatsby tells Nick his past with Daisy.
  • Chapter V

    Gatsby and Daisy remeet, at first its awkward but then Gatsby shows Daisy his past.
  • Chapter VI

    Gatsby invites Tom and Daisy and other old money people to his place.
  • Chapter VII

    Tom takes Gatsby's car to Wilsons while Gatsby takes Tom's car with Daisy. Myrtle is killed by a yellow car.
  • Chapter VIII

    Wilson kills Gatsby for revenge and himself.
  • Chapter IX

    Nick sees Tom and speaks to him about why he told Wilson that Gatsby killed Myrtle; Tom doesn't regret his decisions.