Great Expectations Pages 267-335

  • Pip Receives a Letter From Joe

    Pip receives a letter from Joe saying that he is going to come and visit him in London.
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  • Joe Visits Pip

    Joe visits Pip but Pip isnt very interested in what he has to say and acts pretty annoyed with Joe. Joe tells him that Estella has come home and that she wants to see him. Joe leaves and Pip runs to catch him and say sorry but hes already gone.
  • Pip Travels Home

    Pip is riding home and despite his wishes is put with some convicts. He over hears them talking about him helping the convict in the marshes. This makes him scared so he gets off.
  • Pip Goes To Miss Havisham's House

    He is very nervous when he goes to see Estella. He is suprised when he is approached by Orlick. They manage to have a good conversation.
  • Pip Speaks with Miss Havisham and Sees Estella

    Pip came to a door where Miss Havisham was inside and she invited him in and pip entered. He saw Miss Havisham in one chair and a woman that he has never seen in the other. The women that he has never seen before glanced at him and he noticed that she had Estella’s eyes. Once he realized that it was her he became really nervous.
  • Pip and Estella Go For a Walk

    After Pip sees Estella they go for a walk in the garden. Estella isnt very nice to him and she acts like she doesnt care about him. Pip eventually begins to get mad.
  • Pip Goes Inside and Speaks With Jaggers

    Pip goes inside and talks with Jaggers and Jaggers begins to ask alot of questions.
  • Pip Warns Jaggers About Orlick

    Pip goes and talks to Jaggers and warns him that Orlick is untrustworthy. Jaggers then fires Orlick.
  • Herbert Tries to Convince Pip to Move on From Esltella

    Herbert tells Pip that Estella isnt right for him and that he should get over her and move on. Pip refuses and says that it's impossible for him to get over her.
  • Herbert Tells Pip He Has a Fiance Named Clara

    Herbert and Pip are speaking when Herbert admits to being in love himself. He tells pip he has a fiance named Clara.
  • Pip and Herbert Go To a Theatre To Watch a Play

    Pip and Herbert go to a theatre where they watch a play. They meet a man named Mr. Waldengarver. He asks the two about how they like the play.
  • Pip Receives a Letter from Estella Saying She Wants to Meet Up With Him in London

    Pep gets a letter from Estella. At first he doesnt recognize the hand writing and hes never seen the letter before. He opens it and it's from Estella asking to meet up with him in London.
  • Pip Runs Into Wimmick at The Coach Office

    Pip runs into Wimmick at the coach office. Wemmick gives Pip a tour of the Newgate Prison and Pip starts to get nervous about the things around him.
  • Estella Arrives in London

    Estella arrives in London and Pip sees that she is more beautiful than ever. He gets her luggage and carries it around for her. Pip is very happy when he gets to be with her.
  • Pip Escorts Estella Through London to The House Shes Staying In

    Pip begins to believe more and more that they are destined to be together.