Grade 8 Genocide, Civil Wars, & Refugees

  • Armenia

    1.5 million ethnic Armenians killed in Turkey by the Ottoman government. Most commonly able-bodied men were killed first by death marches into the Syrian desert. Reading Choice: Like Water on Stone
  • Poland

    Night by Elie Wiesel
  • India

    After India gained independence from Britain, it split into two countries: India and Pakistan. Many Hindus went to India and Muslims to Pakistan, but many were killed trying to cross the border while territorial wars were still being fought. Reading Choice: The Night Diary
  • Chile

    Pinochet became the dictator of Chile in 1974 after a US-backed coup. He was famous for the forced disappearances of socialists and political critics. Over ~100,000 people disappeared, were imprisoned, or executed during his rule. Reading Choice: I Lived on Butterfly Hill
  • Cambodia

    The Communist Party called Khemer Rouge took power in Cambodia after gaining power in the late 1960s. Khemer Rouge won a Civil War and Pol Pot was the dictator. He ordered the death of hundreds of thousands of political dissidents and minorities. 1.5 to 2 million people were killed, or 1/4 of Cambodia's population. Reading Choice: Never Fall Down
  • Darfur

    Rebel groups fight against the government of Sudan for suppressing the non-Arab population. The government responded by conducting genocide against all non-Arabs and killed hundreds of thousands of people. Reading Choice: The Good Braider by Terry Farish
  • Zimbabwe

    The largest exodus of refugees from a country not at war. The government looks only after itself, the police, and the military leading to food and fuel shortages. Reading Choice: Now is the Time for Running