Grace's Timeline

By gnacon
  • Birth

    My birth is unique because I am a twin. I was very cute when I was younger.
  • first day of preschool

    first day of preschool
    This was my first day of school. I remember my mom walked me to the classroom. Once I got into the classroom I almost started to cry,
  • Starting softball

    Starting softball
    Softball helped shape who I am. It help me communicate and to be a team player and to always support one another. I started softball in 2011 and played tball when I was younger.
  • First communion

    First communion
    I don't remember when exactly this date was but it was of May 2012.I went up during mass and took my first communion.
  • Going to Disney World

    Going to Disney World
    My whole family came on this trip even my little cousins. It was so much fun
  • Vacation to Canada

    Vacation to Canada
    This was my first timeout of the country. I remember this was my first long car ride. This helped me become a good communicator especially on the car ride. It was 8 hours long.
  • Going to West Virginia

    Going to West Virginia
    I met my 2nd cousins for the first time here. I am actually going back this summer to visit them again.
  • Getting a phone

    Getting a phone
    I was so excited to get a phone. I felt very responsible once I got the phone.
  • Getting Snapchat and other social medias

    Getting Snapchat and other social medias
    I was so excited to get social media now I am addicted and attached to it.
  • Getting a dog

    Getting a dog
    I adapted a dog named Billie Jean at Chicago Kanine Rescue.
  • Getting my braces on

    Getting my braces on
    I remember I was so excited to get my braces on. Now I don't like them at all. I have had them on for almost 3 in half years.
  • Confirmation

    I made my confirmation when I was in seventh grade. I chose my aunt to be my sponsor. My saint name was Elizabeth.
  • Getting a Hamster

    Getting a Hamster
    I named my hamster snuggles and it was the sweetest hamster.
  • 8th grade graduation

    8th grade graduation
    I graduated from Ebinger elementary. I was there a whole 11 years. I made a lot of good friendships there.
  • Snuggles death

    Snuggles death
    My hamster passed away from cancer and I was sad.
  • Covid 19

    Covid 19
    I was in middle of my freshman year and then We had to go with online learning.
  • Getting my drivers license and my own car

    Getting my drivers license and my own car
    I Passed the drivers test and I was so happy and felt very good about myself.
  • Working at Superdawg

    Working at Superdawg
    My first job was at Mcdonalds. I quit after a month then found this job and I love it.
  • Fainting

    I fainted at my job and had to go to the emergency room. It was very scary.
  • My grandpa passed away

    My grandpa passed away
    It was a hard time for me. I was very close to my grandpa.