• History of Cambodia

    under increasing pressure from european powers
  • History of Cambodia

    they decided to get protection from the France
  • History Of Cambodia

    Kind Norodom died
  • History

    the throne switched back.
  • Fact file

    The Japenese briefly ousted the French
  • Factfile

    600 hundred years of khmer powers the country.
  • Fact Filre

    King Sihanouk succeeded the independence of Cambodiia
  • Fact file

    the war spilled over into cambodia
  • Fact File

    Lon Nol's government was overthrown by Khmer Rouge
  • Fact File

    Khmer Rouge were overthrown by the Vietnamese
  • Fact File

    Cambodia began to rebuild with the assistance of vietnames military
  • Fact File

    Vietnamese, the last of their troops and government renamed their country THE STATE OF CAMBODIA
  • Fact File

    created the United Nations of Transitional Authority
  • Adoption

    constitution was adopted
  • Election

    The 2nd election was held in that time.