Girl Stolen Haley Osborne

By Haley O
  • Cheyenne is stolen

    Cheyenne is in the csar when Griffin comes and tries to steal the car but then he finds out she is in the car with him, so he ends up kidnapping her too. This happens in chapter 1.
  • Cheyenne is taken back to Griffin's.

    Cheyenne is taken to Griffin's house. This happens in chapter 5.
  • Cheyenne has little vision.

    We learn that Cheyenne can only see out of he peripheral vision and not even that well either. We learn about this in chapter 7.
  • Cheyenne's dad is the president of Nike.

    We learn that Cheyenne father is the president of Nike. We learn this in chapter 8.
  • Period: to

    Girl Stolen

  • Cheyenne thinks about escaping.

    Cheyennne asks to go to the bathroom and opens up the window hoping to escape but instead just hides in the bathtub until Griffin alittle later finds her. Found in chapter 11.
  • Cheyenne's walking cane is burned.

    Roy finds Cheyenne's walking cane and burns it, making it to where she can no longer use it if she needs it to escape. This is found in chapter 15.
  • Making a deal.

    They make a deal with Cheyenne's dad, they will give her back safely if he gives them 5 million dollars. This was in chapter 16.
  • TJ alone with Cheyenne.

    TJ goes into the bedroom with Cheyenne, in attempt to harrass her. But Griffin comes in and stops him. This happens in chapter 22.
  • Cheyenne takes Duke and escapes.

    Cheyenne hits Griffin unconcious. then takes Duke and escapes. In chapter 24.
  • Griffin helps Cheyenne.

    Griffin wakes up a few moments after the impact, and goes out to follow and find Cheyenne so he can help her escape safely. Chapter 26.
  • Jimbo and TJ enter the picture.

    Jimbo and TJ get there and start an argument with each other, TJ shoots Jimbo and leaves him for dead with Griffin. And 250,00 dollars. Chapter 28.
  • Roy comes back, then gone again.

    FInally as Cheyenne is walking through the forest she hears someone else coming, he says he is a cop, but really it is Roy, he takes her back to his car, but she discovers it's him, and so she tries to fight him, and she gets him out of the car, but he still follows as she is driving away. She shoots him, and finally a real cop comes and saves her. And she gets to go back home safe and sound. Chapter 29.
  • Griffin calls Cheyenne.

    Grifiin is still in contact with Cheyenne, he calls her in the very end. Chapter 32.