Girl Stolen

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  • Chapter 1, Who are you?

    Chapter 1, Who are you?
    Cheyenne was getting a prescription filled for her pneumonia. When a man jumped into her car and decided to take it for a joy ride, but the only problem this joy ride was the last one that anyone will she this car.
  • Chapter 6, Cough* Cough*

    Chapter 6, Cough* Cough*
    Cheyenne was in the car with a man she doesnt even know and she has no idea what to do even though he just pulled a gun to her head and now she has no choice but to coperate or there will be concequences.
  • Chapter 3, A gun?

    Chapter 3, A gun?
    There was a touch of cold metal on her temple, being blind wasnt easy beacuse she didnt know if that was a real gun or not. So she took the safe way and decided to believe it was a gun, but even with the shock of knowing that there is an armed man robing her car she had to stay calm and find out how to escape.
  • Chapter 8, A girl in my rooom!

    Chapter 8, A girl in my rooom!
    There was a girl in my room for the first time and she was blind, and it is my duty to take care of her. The part about her being blind was you could look at her and not get caught for it, and she wouldnt know. So I left the house and walked to the barn were I heard TJ and Jimbos talk radio show that they always listen to.
  • Chapter 9, My first attempt of escaping

    Chapter 9, My first attempt of escaping
    There was a glass that was in the room and I had to break away the rope that was tearing away at my wrists like sand paper. So I knocked over the glass and picked up a piece of it to cut the rope. So I heard someone coming so I stuck the piece in my jacket pocket.
  • Chapter 10, You want my phone?

    Chapter 10, You want my phone?
    All of my numbers are progreamed into my phone which I need for you to call my dad. Who is the Nike president, So they just told her to tell Roy the numbers to call her dad.
  • Chapter 23, No!

    Chapter 23, No!
    During the swap of the money there was a certain change pof plans for the boys Roy and Cheyennes dad went to swap the money and they shot Cheyennes dad!
  • Chapter 31, Roadkill

    Chapter 31, Roadkill
    Roy was finally dead after I threw him under the car goodbye and hello family! Now I am safe and my dad is ok and we now have Griffin to thank for that.
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    Girl Stolen