Germany depth study- Background, Weimar Republic

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  • Russian Bolshevik Revolution

    This made leaders like Ebert fear communism
  • Allies win WWI

  • Kaiser abdicates fro the Netherlands

    After this the constitution is signed by Socialist leader Freidrich Ebert.
  • Free elections are conducted. Ebert wins

  • Spartacistrs uprising

  • Bavaria was declared a Soviet Republic

    The Socialist leader of Bavaria was murdered, and a soviet republic was declared
  • Kapp Putsch

    Kapp was accompanied by 5000 Friekorps in his revolution, but the rebellion was put down by a Berlin workers’ strike.
  • Communist agitation in the Ruhr Industrial area

  • German minister, Walter Rathenau is murdered

    Minister murdered by extremists
  • Munich Putsch ( led by Hitler)

    Hitler was accompanied by war Hero Ludendorf. The rebellion was put down.
  • Passive resistance in the Ruhr- instalment not paid

    German did not pay the annual instalment of the reparations, so French and Belgian soldiers simply took whatever they wanted. 100 workers were killed and 100,000 were expelled. The passive resistance led to a halt in working, which is suspected to have contributed to the hyperinflation crisis.
  • Hyperinflation crisis

  • Gustav Stresseman takes over Germany

  • Locarno Treaties

  • Hindenburg is elected President

    He was ask admirer of the Kaiser and had even written letters to him.
  • Germany was accepted i the League of Nations

  • Industry shows signs of Recovery

    -Germany’s production equivalencies per-war levels
    -Became the 2nd greatest Industriaol power, only behind the Usa.
    -wages and standard of living rose
  • Unemployment rose to 6%

  • Parties begin collaborating

    The moderate parties, such as the SPD, DDP and DVP start collaborating and working. This continued until 1929
  • Young plan decreased the reparations amount