German Invasion of France

By lemon1
  • Iron (year)

    the Germans were producing 7,239,000 tons of iron ore in 1880 compared the the manufactoring king Brittian was 18,026,000 tons.
  • Iron that lead to so many war assets (year)

    Germans were now 25,505,000 tons and brittian was 14,980,000 tons.
  • Planes (year not a date)

    in 1937 the Germans were producing 1000 planes a month compared 38 planes a month
  • Frances army (year)

    the French had 800,000 combat troops 5,500,000 reserves and a total of 20,000,000 male population
  • Through out the war

    Armys 1 and 2 kept having to retret setup new poitions withdraw and were becoming extreamly exhausted
  • throughout the war

    the constant retret was demoralizing and exhusting the men as well as the germans from nonstp attacking on the french
  • Boumbardments

    On may 14th 1094 Germans bombed Rotterdum killing more then 800 civilians.
  • Luftwaffe

    On may 10th 1940 the Luftwaffe attacked airfeilds in Netherlands, Belgium, and France as they had done to Poland.
  • Meuse

    the german tanks broke through meuse
  • strtigic hault

    Rundstedt was concious about group A's armor it was wearing and tearing because of continuous actionand orderd a hoult to allow the infintry to catch up.
  • First air raid

    On june 3rd the first air raid hit Paris.
  • Tanks roll in

    Two days after the first air raid 100 devisions destroyed the french line. Clusters of 100 tanks rolled through the country side destroying everything.
  • Retrite

    Frence on june 11th 1940 decided that the defence of paris was suacidial
  • Hopelesness

    The French line was crushed agian and hope was going fast.
  • Armistice

    On June 22 the French were forced to sign a Armistice
  • Germany

    Germany made france fall so far so fast that the world was in aghast