GD Son Of The Mob by Gordon Korman, Fiction, 262 pages

  • Chapter 1-6

    We are introduced to Vince, who's dad runs a crime ring. Vince goes to a frat party, where he meets a girl from school. They kiss, and he can't stop thinking about her. Running total: 782
  • Chapter 6-11

    Vince starts going out with Kendra, and his website is getting a suspicious amount of hits. Running Total: 824
  • 11 Oct. 2012 Chapters 12-15

    Vince gets sucked into a busness deal involving the Mob and is trying to resolve it. Running Total: 892
  • Oct. 16 Chapters 12-20

    Vince smoothes over the busness deal, realizes his website is being used by the MOb, and gets back together with Kendra. Runnihng Total 1012