Gay Rights

  • Groups

    Meeting have started to from to organize gay rights orgaizations
  • C ourts

    Gay people started to use the courts to fight for their rights.
  • crack down

    Everyone started to crackdown on gay people
  • Jobs

    Gay right groups pressed the federal goverment to change the polices against hiring gays.
  • Movements

    Millions of gays have began to come out of "the closet". Social liberalism movemnts allowed them to do this.
  • Mental

    The American Psychiatric Assosication approved that homosexualiy was not a mental disorder. It was one of the biggest victory the gays hav had.
  • Gay Leader

    Harvey Milk was a popular gay leader. He was elected as a San Fransico City supervisor.
  • Laws

    Wiscsin was the first state to approve gay rights law on its books.
  • Studies

    Started a study on gay men. They anted to see if it was your brain telling you that your gay.
  • Military

    Bill Clition ban all gays to join the military.