Garrett's Timeline

  • Birth

    I was born at 10:26 am at Providence Hospital in Southfield, MI. 7.2 lbs. I was born healthy without any complications.
  • Psychosocial Development

    Like any baby. During this time I cried a lot to be fed from my mother and to be held. I grew attached to my mother.
  • Period: to


  • Period: to

    First Two years

  • Cognitive Development

    I started babbling around this age.
  • Biosocial Development

    I started crawling during this month. These were the first signs of my motor skill development.
  • Speech: Cognitive Development

    This was about the time of my first word. My first word was mama.
  • Walking: Biosocial Development

    I started walking for the first time.
  • Period: to

    Early Childhood

  • Speech: Cognitive Development

    I had full speech at this time
  • Sibling: Psychosocial

    My first sibling was born on this day. It was a baby girl and her name is Kara.
  • School: Psychosocial

    I started Kindergarden.
  • Period: to

    MIddle Childhood

  • Sibling #2: Psychosocial

    My second sister Kelsie was born.
  • Hockey: Biosocial and Psychosocial Development

    I started playing roller hockey for a team at Roller Station. This was my first of many hockey teams I would play on iin my life.
  • Ice Hockey: Biosocial and Psychosocial Development

    I started playing ice hockey in Livonia, MI
  • Period: to


  • Hockey: Psychosocial

    I started playing varsity hockey for my highschool
  • Highschool: Psychosocial Development

    I started highschool at Churchill HS in Livonia, MI
  • Psychosocial

    I was named as captain of my varsity hockey team in highschool
  • Period: to

    Emerging Adulthood

  • Working: Psychosocial Development

    I started cleaning buildings at night for my friends dad to make extra money in the summer.
  • Highschool: Psychosocial Development

    I graduated from highschool
  • College: Psychosocial Development

    Istarted my college career at Schoolcraft College in the summer after I graduated High School.
  • Internship: Cognitive Development

    I started interning at a doctors office at St. Mary's Hspital in Livonia, MI. I followed him in surguries and worked hands on with patients in his office.
  • Transfered: Cognitive Development

    I transfered to the University of Michigan -Ann Arbor in the winter of 2010.
  • Dorm Room: Psychosocial Development

    I moved into a dorm room with a roommate that I had never met before. This was the first time I lived away from home.
  • Working with the doctor again: Cognitive Development

    I went home for the summer from college and started working with the same doctor I had worked ith before in order to get more work and build my resume.
  • Colorado: Psychosocial/ Biosocial development

    I went hiking in the Rocky Mountains with two friends from high school. We drive across the country to South Dakota to see Mt. Rushmore then down to Colorado to hike. We climbed Longs Peak which is 14, 259 ft.
  • Backpacking Club: Psychosocial/ Biosocial

    I joined teh backpacking club at U of M to meet other people who enjoyed the same activity.
  • Apartment: Psychosocial Development

    I moved into my first apartment in Ann Arbor with 2 friends I had met in school
  • Working: Psychosocial Development

    I was working all summer at a cafeteria on campus in order to make enough money to go on a trip put of the country with my friends.
  • Colombia: Psychosocial/ Biosocial Development

    I traveled with three other friends to the country of Colombia to backpack around most of the country. We went hiking in the jungle and traveled to all of the major cities.
  • Girlfriend: Psychosocial Development

    My cousin introduced me to a friend of hers. We started dating.
  • Shenendoah NAtional Park: Psychosocial and biosocial development

    I traveled down to Virginia with the backpacking club at U of M to go hiking in the Shenendoah National Park
  • Graduating: Psychosocial/ Cognitive Development

    I will graduate from the University of Michigan.
  • Pre-Nursing Classes: Cognitive Development

    I will start taking the rest of my prerequisites for nursing school
  • Graduate:Psychosocial Development

    I graduate from nursing school and look for a job
  • Career: Psychosocial/ Cognitive Development

    I start working as a nurse and pay off student loans
  • Period: to


  • Critical Care: Cognitive Development

    I start wrking as a nurse in the critical care unit for a year
  • CRNA: cognitive development

    I start applying to nurse anesthetist schools
  • CRNA School: Cognitive Development

    I start CRNA school
  • CRNA: Psychosocial Development

    I graduate from CRNA school and find a job at a hospital
  • Job: Cognitive Development

    I start working as a CRNA
  • Married: Psychosocial Development

    I get married and move into a house
  • Child: Cognitive Development

    My wife has a baby boy
  • Child #2: Cognitive Development

    My wife has a baby girl
  • House: Cognitive Development

    My family moves into a bigger house
  • Retire: Psychosocial

    I retire
  • Substitute Teaching: Cognitive Development

    I start substitue teaching so I can stay active and keep my mind working.
  • Period: to

    Late Adulthood

  • Move to Florida: Psychosocial Development

    I move to Florida to a community with other aging people. I move to avoid aging in place
  • Death