G321 Foundation Portfolio

  • Chose Genre

    We discussed the genre and decided on Thriller. From this we suggested the sub genre of Psychological Thriller. We looked at existing Thriller movies and started a mind map on the genre.
  • Analysed Film Opening Sequence + Mindmap

    The film analysis is still to be finished but is well on it's way. The mindmap was completed and added to the blog
  • History Of Psychological Thrillers

    Completed the history of psychological thrillers and within this added picturs to illustrate the film examples.This was shortly added to the blog.
    Began an opening analysis of Secret Window,
  • Added Fight Club Anaylsis to Blog

    Today I added my Analysis of Fight Club to my blog, This highlighted the Camera, Sound, Mise En Scene, Editing.
  • Added Secret Window Analysis To Blog

    I added my analysis of The Secret Window to my blog, aswell as the techniques of Camera,Sound, Mise En Scene, Editing.
  • Added Institution Research

    Today I added the Institution to the blog.
  • Added Audience Research

    The audience research was added to both blogs and e 9 frame analysis is almost complete.
  • Added Frame Analysis (Se7en) To Blog

    Today I added my 9 frame analysis to my blog.
  • Added Deconstruction to Blog

    Today I added the Deconstruction of Se7en to blog.
  • Added Deconstrustion of Panic Room To Blog

    I finished the Deconstruction of Panic Room and it was added to slidshare and my blog.
  • Started Initial Ideas

    We wored together to create some initial ideas on paper and decided on lighting, plot, costumes, characters, setting, props and sound
  • Started the story board and typed up initial ideas

    The story board was started and the initial ideas were typed into a document
  • Continued the Initial Ideas and Story Board

  • Continued Story Board and Started the Props List

  • Finished Treatment Sheet

    Today we finished the treatment sheet and added it to the blog.
  • Finished Script

    Today we finished the script, added it to slideshare and to the blog.
  • Started Risk Assessment

    The risk assessment was started
  • Finished Storyboard

    We finished the storyboard and crops all of the shots in photoshop.
  • Done Recce Shots

    We taken recce shots of the CDT interior of were we wish to film.
  • Started to make a background track on Garage band

    We started to make a 'theme tune' on Garageband. Started making the anematic, and shooting schedule.
  • Finished The Animatic

  • The Garageband tune is still ongoing.

  • Recorded The Rough Cut

  • Finished Call Sheet

    Today I finished the call sheet, and this has now been uploded to the blog.
  • Started editing the Rough Cut

    Beth and I started to edit the rough cut using the software, Final Cut. We put together all of the shots and need to create a soundtrack to accompany it.
  • Changed the format of the treatment sheet

    I changed the format of the treatment sheet in order to add variety to our blog. I re uploaded thi to the blog.
  • Added the Rough Cut To Blog

  • Analysed the rough cut

    Here we added the roughcut analysis to the blog, here we idettified what we wanted to change ready for the Final Cut
  • Added Rough Cut 2 to blog

  • Added Final Cut To Blog

  • Decided Who was doing easch questions

    Here we decided who wsa going to do each question, this was so that we all got a equal share of work.
  • Started The Evaluation

  • Finished The Evaluation Question

  • Finished the first Prezi for question 3