From Uncle Tom's Cabin to the Harlem Renaissance

  • Beginning of Slave Trade to America from Africa

  • Period: to

    From UTC to TNN

  • Somersett's Case

    1st law to regulate slavery and freedom in Europe
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe born

  • Fugitive Slave Law passed

  • Uncle Tom's Cabin published

  • Aunt Phillis's Cabin published

  • Supreme Court Case: Dred Scott

  • Abraham Lincoln elected United States President

  • Start of Civil War

  • Civil War ends

  • Lynchings Occuring Daily in the US

  • Plessy v. Ferguson ("Seperate but Equal")

  • Start of Great Migration

    6 million African American migrated to North, most famously to New York, Harlem.
  • Beginning of WWI

  • End of WWI

  • Anti-Lynching Law or "Dyer Bill" passed by House

  • The New Negro published

  • Stock Market Crashed

  • End of Great Migration

  • Eleanor Rooselvelt let Marian Anderson sing