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  • Meet With Your Guidence Counselor

    Meet with your Guidence Counselor to talk about the different classes you can take in school. There may be some that have to do with what you think you may want to major on, and will look good on a college application.
  • Get Involved!

    Get involved in school activities and clubs, they look great on an application, and will also improve your people skills.
  • Explore Career Choices

    Look at different jobs and things you would be interested in pursuing. Start researching the different aspects of them to find out if you really would want to spend the rest of your life doing it.
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  • Focus On Your Grades

    Keeping good grades as a freshamn doesn't really seem like that big of a deal to most people, but really, the better you do each year, the easier it is to keep your GPA up, ensuring you a good college.
  • Start Looking into Financial Need

    Talk to your parents and find out what they can and can't afford when it comes to picking out a college. The worst thing you can possibly do is shut your parents out of picking your college, ecspecially since they're the ones paying a lot of the tutition. Also start looking into schloarships. It's never too soon to start saving!
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  • Keep Track

    You know that trophey you just won for 1st place in the swimming competition? Yeah, keep track. Put every single thing you acomplish into a journal, it will come in handy when you're filling out scholarships, loans, grant, applications, anything.
  • Learn About The College

    If you find any colleges you find even the least bit interesting, start researching it. Learn about the acceptance rate, the estimated tuition, all the little details. Make a list, and as you find out more narrow the list down.
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  • Get a Job

    Summer is a great time to go down to the parents or grandparents beach house and get a job on the boardwalk. Although everyone isn't that lucky, there are jobs locally that offer only summer jobs. This will allow you to start saving for micellaneous things for college. Take a little bit out of the paycheck each week and add it to a savings accout.
  • Chat With College Students

    Talk to a college student who is home for the summer, ask them any questions you may have, and hey. You might even get lucky enough to meet someone from your dream school, and maybe they can tell you if it really is all you think it is.