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French Revolution Timeline

By steve23
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    French Revolution

  • Tennis Court Oath

    Tennis Court Oath
    This was an event that took place in the 1st couple of days of the Revolution. The third estate signed a pledge. 576 out of 577 signed it. They did it in a tennis room near the palace of Versaille because they were looked out of the meeting of estates.
  • Fall of Bastille

    Fall of Bastille
    Certain people in France werent so happy with what was taking place in the government and didnt like it at all so they decided to bring something big down to make a statement and that was the Bastille prison. this basecally started the french revolution.
  • Great Fear

    Great Fear
    Peasants and farmers were getting afraid and worried because there was a rumor going around about the food being very low due to fires and other stuff. They began to arm themselve and people started to robe others.
  • The Declaration of the Rights of Man

    The Declaration of the Rights of Man
    its a document which stated the individual and collectice rights of a man. As for the women, they werent really granted any equality, During this time of history, people still thought men over powered women and they didnt deserve equality.
  • Women march on Versailles

    Women march on Versailles
    On october 5, 1789 French women were angry at the over price of bread so a bunch of them decided to march to Versailles were the king was and demanded bread. There were about thousands of women marching that day.
  • The Royal Escape

    The Royal Escape
    Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette tried escaping Tulieres Palace in Paris. they were caught in a small town out of paris close to Austria which was their get away place.
  • Civil Constitution of Clergy

    Civil Constitution of Clergy
    This was a law that was passed that stated that the government was in control of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • Declaration of Pillnitz

    Declaration of Pillnitz
    Was a statement issued to King Louis XVI if he was threatened. They didnt want France to become over powerful.
  • Constitution of 1791

    Constitution of 1791
    The constution of 1791 was the very 1st Constitution of France. Important result of the French Revolution. Right after that came the Declaration of the Rights of Man.
  • Creation of National Convention

    Creation of National Convention
    During the French Revolution, the National Convention in France, made up the constitutional and legislative assembly which sat from 20 September 1792 to 26 October 1795
  • Execution of a monarch.

    Execution of a monarch.
    He was trialed for everything he did to France and ended up being excuted on the Guillotine.
  • Reign of Teror

    Reign of Teror
    From 5 September 1793, to 28 July 1794, there was a huge fear in France. The nation was basecally chaos for those days. there were two big names mainly fighting in them and it was the Girondins and the Jacobins.
  • Constitution of 1795

    Constitution of 1795
    It was a national constitution of France ratified by the National Convention. it started the ascendancy of Napoleon.
  • The Directory

    The Directory
    There were 5 men who became in charge of France, still under Napoleon ofcourse. they held executive power. Napoleon was the head of the Directory.
  • Napolean becomes Consulate

    Napolean becomes Consulate
    This was the government of france from 1799 until 1804 when Napolean first became emperor of France. He was the head consult.
  • Concordat of 1801

    Concordat of 1801
    Napoleon decides to make peace with the catholic church.
    Church remains under control of the Government.
    Helped him gain support of the peasentry who many of them were still devoted to the church.
  • Coronation of an Emperor

    Coronation of an Emperor
    Napoleon was crowned on Dec 2, 1804. This was the start of a very succesful empire in little time who ends up going back to how they were at the begining.
  • Battle of Trafalgar

    Battle of Trafalgar
    This was a naval battle between Great Britain and the combined armies of the French and Spanish Navy. This was a huge win for the British since they only went in with 27 ships and spain with france came in with 33.
  • Battle of Austerlitz

    Battle of Austerlitz
    This was considered one of Napoleons greatest victories. It was only him against two other emperors. The battle took about 8 hours and after the battle, the two other emperors signed a treaty taking Austria out of the war.
  • Invasion of Spain

    Invasion of Spain
    What caused the invasion of Spain was when Napoleon was planing on taking over Portugal and so he decided to march straight through spain. They didnt take it so easily that they started a war against the spanish. Napoleon came out victorious and ended up giving his brother the throne of King in spain.
  • Invasion of Russia

    Invasion of Russia
    This battle was the turning point of Napoleons great run. Napoleon led his army into Russia hoping to succesfully take Russia over but when there, the winter came and the French took a big hit with sickness. They ended up going back, retreating with only 10% of the army. Everyone else died.
  • Exile to Elba

    Exile to Elba
    in Treaty of Fontainebleau the heads of the other European nations decided to exile Napoleon to the island of Elba for everything that he has done and the wars that hes also caused.
  • Congress of Vienna

    Congress of Vienna
    This was a meeting that took place in Austria with the power nations in eruope met. They solved and talked about the problems and how they were going to solve them from all of the chaos Napoleon caused.
  • A hundred Days

    A hundred Days
    this took place after Napoleon was exiled to Elba and then decided to come back and regain power. this was a time were there was peace in all of Europe. Where the European big heads decided to keep it peaceful after trying to get rid of Napoleon for some time.
  • Battle of Waterloo

    Battle of Waterloo
    The battle of Waterloo was Napoleon's last chance really at being Emperor of France. This was his last chance to prove to Europ that he is the strongest and best ruler out there. Napoleon was defeated by other kingdoms who joined forces to beat Napoleon and push him back to France.