French Revolution And Napoleonic Era

  • The War of American Independan

    The War of American Independan
    This war was the result of an american revolution. The British taxation policy towards the North American colonies were found to be unaccepted by the colonists. The word of mistreatment from the British had spread nearly worldwide. This ended with Canada and allies threatening the British with invasion. The French and Spanish tried to invade British, but ended with defeat. Eventually, the Treaty of Paris ended the war with achieving sovereingty.
  • The Estates General is Called

    The Estates General is Called
    Loius XVI was forced to call the Estates General for the first time since 1614. Soon after, there were 1000's of complaints from the provinces direct to the General.
  • The Estates General Convenes

    The Estates General Convenes
    The Estates General convened, but only to leave the third class as more of a symbol, giving them no extra power. The current poverty status of the people in the third class remains. the money in France is still largely improperly distributed. The tax programs also show a large inequality between classes.
  • The National Assembly is Established

    The National Assembly is Established
    An assembly that was created by the third estate, which made up 96% percent of the population. The main goal of the assembly was to limit the kings powers and lower taxation.
  • The Tennis Court Oath

    The Tennis Court Oath
    This was the first act of soveriegnty by the Third Estate. This detachted the kings power to the third class. This was to create a sense of belonging to the third class and would allow for more monetary income for the people of the third and poorest class.
  • First, Second and Third Class Are One.

    First, Second and Third Class Are One.
    The assembly consolidated the common people's debt. Supplying food and drop all illegally imposed taxes. Citation
  • Parisians Storm the Bastille

    Parisians Storm the Bastille
    Citations This was the fall of the medieval fortess/prison. This was main representation of authority in Paris. This was a symbol of people overthrowing authority. This was the true climatic time of the Revolution.
  • Rights of Man

    Rights of Man
    CitationsA document created during the Revolution that states that every man has every right as the next. This means anywhere, at any time. And, all classes are considered universal. This marked a major turning point in France. France is now becoming a collective nation that is no longer divided into classes. Example: Canada!
  • Death of Louis XVI

    Death of Louis XVI
    Citations Excuted for his crimes against France and his hostility with the people, Louis XVI had the guillotine used against him. The hostility made the people discontent, which the only solution was to excute the king who had caused the hostility. His wife was soon ececuted after him.
  • Committee of Public Safety

    Committee of Public Safety
    Citations A committee created during 'The Reign Of Terror' to protect the people. Was reconstructed later in the year. This is a signifigant event in France because is shows that the government has successfully been altered by the people in the advantage of the people. Shows concern on the governments part and shows value towards the people.
  • The Directory

    The Directory
    The Directory was a committee of 5 people that had excecutive rights granted from the government. This seemed like the end of the revolution. The citizens were tired of violence and wanted it to end.
  • Napoleon Becomes King

    Napoleon Becomes King
    Citations After a staged Coup, Napoleon has been accepted as a highly member of the government. As he was a political and military leader before, this boosted the people's confidence and faith in Napoleon. The people chose Napoleon to be their new king. The people of France hope this will be a good replacement from Loius XVI.
  • Pope Pius

    Pope Pius
    Citations An agreement between Pope Pius and Napoleon that states the Roman Catholic church will be the majority of churches in France. This renewed the churhes power and created nationalism for France. France now has a common factor among the people, religion
  • Napoleon Reforms in France

    Napoleon Reforms in France
    Citations Napoleon reformed all law in France and based them on reason and equality. This severly improved the relationship between the government and the citizens. This made Napoleons more admired by the people of France. He vhanged the laws to be undertandable at any given time and so they could be easily enforeced. This helped bring the people of France to a more collective group improving their unique nationalism.
  • Napoleon Becomes Emperor

    Napoleon Becomes Emperor
    citations Napoleon becomes emperor of France, This solidified his power and control over France.
  • Berlin Decree Establishes the Continental System

    Berlin Decree Establishes the Continental System
    Citations This was an attempt by Napoleon to stop the British from exporting/importing goods by creating a blockade, testing Britains navy. Although, Britian could transport goods through the Baltic sea and Adriatic sea.
  • Russia Withdraws From Continental System

    Russia Withdraws From Continental System
    Citations Russia's withdraw was the main incentive for Napoleon to surrender the continental system. Without the help of the worlds biggest counrty, Napoleon was left with a feeling of helplessness and defeat. This marked the first downfall of Napoleon. This showed his true power and his true allies.
  • Grande Armee Invades Russia, Forced to Retreat

    Grande Armee Invades Russia, Forced to Retreat
    citations Also known as the patriotic war, the invasion of Moscow, Russia by the Grande Armee was a failure. The invasion was stopped by the Russian army. This defeat of Napoleon shook his reputation as he was to be believed to be undefeated in military combat. His decision to invade Russia gave not only himself a bad reputaion, but also France. This did not improve France's nationalism amonst the people.
  • Battle Of Nations

    Battle Of Nations
    Citations Russia, Prussia, Austria and Sweden all invaded France as allies at Leipzig, Saxony.This was the true fall of Napoleon. He has turned his allies against him and succeeded to make France have a terrible reputation among the nations of the world. Causing nationalism to be very poor in France.
  • Napoleon abdicates Congress of Vienna

    Napoleon abdicates Congress of Vienna
    Citations Napoleon is exiled to Elba and France goes back to pre-napoleonic borders. Naploeon has almost lost all his power in the world and is becoming weak and defenseless.
  • Napoleon abdicates-exile to Elba.

    Napoleon abdicates-exile to Elba.
    CitationsVictors exile Napoleon to Elba, He was allowed soveriengty over Elba. And within a few short months, he devoloped a mine, an army and a navy, leaving France with no leader.
  • Napoleon Escapes from Elba and St.Helens

    Napoleon Escapes from Elba and St.Helens
    Citationscitations Napoleon escaped from Elba to France. In 19 days, he made it to Paris and continued as Emperor. He released his imprisioned Grande Armee and went into combat with his enemies. He was defeated. His enemies exiled him to the barren St. Helens, where he was trapped and left for dead. This was the end to his 25 year long war. Napoleon is dead.