French Revolution

By ausitnm
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    French Revolution

  • Convening the Estaes General

    First in 75 yrs at Versailles, 3rd estate became National Assembly, 1st and 2nd estate usually ruled over 3rd.
  • Tennis Court Oath

    3rd estate was locked out of Estates General so they broke into tennis court taking an oath to stay until a new constitution was made, more nobles and clergy started joining them.
  • Storming the Bastille

    People needed gunpowder for their weapons and this is where it was kept, when they got there they killed some guards and paraded around with their heads on pikes, this is France's "Independance Day"
  • Great Fear

    Peasants thought nobles were plotting to attack them so they acted first and burned legal papers that bound them to pay fedual dues or even burned their homes
  • Delclaration of the Rights of Men

    National Assembly made all "MEN" equal, then they pass THE DECLARATION OF THE RIGHTS OF MAN which says, "All men are born and remain in rights."
  • Women's March To Versailles

    Women rioted over the price of bread and marched to Versailles and demanded Louis XVI and Maria Antionette move to Paris, they never saw Versailles again
  • Louis and Marie’s flight to Varennes

    The National Assemly pondered Louis XVI's fate as a monarch, people warned him that the royal family was in danger, so Louis XVI and Marie tried to flee the country but were captured by the border of france and taken back to Paris
  • Constitution of 1791

    King now had very little power, created legislative assembly which had power to create laws, Fractions develop: favored changes sat on left side, some changes in middle, and no changes sat on left, Emigres were nobles who fled France hoping to undo Revolution, Sans-cullotte were people who wanted even more change
  • Brunswick Manifesto

    Duke of Brunswick said that is the king and queen were not harmed he would leave the city alone, but if they were then he would burn Paris to the ground
  • National Convention

    Abolished monarchy, made France republic but only men could vote, Jacobins were Radicals that took over the convention, put Louis XVI on trial and he was executed, army grew to over 800,000 people
  • The Terror or Reign of Terror

    Started when Robespierre became ruled of Comittee of Public Safety and became dictator of France, guillotine was used excesivelly, anywhere between 20,000 and 40,000 executions took place
  • Directory

    Contained a two house legislature and an executive body of five men ran the country
  • Napoleon Bonaparte Takes Over

  • Concordat of 1801

    established new relationship between church and state, gained Napoleon support of the organized Church as well as the majority of the French People
  • Louisiana Purchase

    Napoleon wanted more land so he took control of land in America, he then decided to cut his loses and sell it to the United States for $15 million, he used this money to get revenge on the British and finance opperations in Europe
  • Napoleonic Code

    Napoleon's system of laws, gave country unifrom set of laws and eliminated many unjustices, but it also limited liberty and promoted order and authority over individual rights, also restored slavery
  • Napoleon Becomes Emperor

    His crowning ceremony took place on Dec 2, 1804, Napoleon suprisingly did not let the pope crown him but did it himself, symbolizing his power over the church
  • Battle of Trafalgar

    This was the only major battle that Napoleon lost, the naval battle was more important than all of his other land battles, the loss ensured the British supremecy and it forced Napoleon to give up on invading the British
  • Continental System

    A policy to prevent all trade and communication between Great Britain and other European Nations by closing the ports, was not enforced enough though because smugglers still did their thing
  • Invasion of Russia

    Napoleon's most dangerous mistake, Russia burned everything in the cities so Napoleon's army would have nothing to eat, Napoleon's army finally left Russia after staying in Moscow for a while, Russia attacked the retreating army and Napoleon only have 10,000 left of his 420,000 he started with
  • Exile to Elba

    Napoleon accepted surrender and gave up his thone, the victors shipped Napoleon to Elba and banished him there, no one expected anymore trouble from him
  • Battle of Waterloo

    Napoleon returned to France and was reinstated Emperor, in response for this the British army prepared to go to Waterloo, Napoleon was holding out fine against British all day, in the afternoon Prussia came and Britain and Prussia won the war
  • Exile to St. Helena

    The British shipped Napoleon to St. Helena where he lived alone for six years in exile, writing his memoirs, Napoleon died in 1821 from stomache pain maybe cancer