French Revolution

  • Napoleon was born in Corsica

  • Period: to

    French Revolution

  • French Evolution Begins

  • Geroge washington inaugurated as first US president

  • Louis XVI called a meeting of the estates

  • The third estate boldly declared it was national assembly

  • It deputies arrived to find out door are locked

  • About 900 paristian gathered gathered at the bastille

  • Abolish all legal...

    National assembly decided to abolish all legal privilege of nobles and clergy
  • National assembly adopted...

    National assembly adopted the Declaration of the rights of man and the citizen
  • Thousands of parisian women marched to versailles

    Thousands of parisian women marched to versailles
  • King and his family returned to paris

  • Set up a limited monarchy....

    Set up a limited monarchy , Legislative assembly would make the laws
  • Attempted to flee

    June 1791-Royal Family attempted to flee france in disguise but were recognized and captured
  • Legislative Assembly

    October 1791-The new Legislative Assembly met for the first time
  • 1792-Napoleon became a captain

    1792-Napoleon became a captain
  • Spring 1792-Legislative Assembly decided to...

    Spring 1792-Legislative Assembly decided to declare war on Austria
  • Angry citizens

    Spring 1792-Angry citizens demonstrated to protest foot shortages and defeats in war
  • Monarchy was over

    August 1792-The monarchy was over. Rallied by the newly apointed Georges Danton
  • Newly Elected...

    September 1792-The newly elected National Convention began meeting
  • Abolished Monarchy

    September 21 1792-National convention abolished the monarchy and establish the french republican
  • First day of French Republic

    September 22 1792-The first day of the French Republic and the autumnal equinox
  • Mountain convinced...

    January 1793- Mountain convinced the convention to pass a decree condemning Louis XVI to death
  • King Louis XVI executed;reign of terror begins

    1793-King Louis XVI executed;reign of terror begins
  • King was beheaded

    January 21 1793-The king was beheaded on the guillotine.
  • Rally troops....

    February 1793-Europeans monarchs rally troops to restore French monarchy
  • Revolts begin..

    March 1793-Revolts begin in western France'Counterrevolutionaries executed;anti-Catholic laws passed
  • The coalition was poised to invade..

    Spring 1793-The coalition was poised to invade
  • Committe of Safety ...

    August 1793-Committee of public safety institues as levee en masse, drafting men into the army
  • Citizens of Lyon executed

    October 1793-1,880 citizens of lyon executed as example to enemies of the revolution, Revolutionary calender is introduced
  • A public ceremony...

    November 1793-A public ceremony deciated to the worship of reason was held in the former cathedral
  • Robespieere Addresses...

    February 1794-Robespierre addresses on political Morality to the convention would save the republic from its enemies
  • Law of 22...

    June 1794- Law of 22 prairial gives robespierre more power' French army ends threat of foreign invasion
  • Robespierre Execution..

    July 1794-Committee of Public safety orders Robespierre's execution
  • French defeated foreign foes...

    Summer of 1794-French had largely defeated their foreign foes
  • Robespierre was guillotined

    July 28 1974-Robespierre was guillotined
  • Law of 22 priarial...

    August 1794- Law of 22 prairial repealed release of prisoners begins
  • French raised a huge army..

    September 1794-The french government had raised a huge army over a million soldiers
  • Napoleon became commander...

    1796-Napoleon became commander of the French Armies in Italy
  • Napoleon returned to france as a hero

    1797-Napoleon returned to france as a hero
  • The british had defeatex the French Naval....

    1799-The british had defeatex the French Naval forces supporting Napoleons army in Egypt
  • Coup D etat...

    1799-Napoleon leads coup d etat that topples french government
  • Napoleon came to power

    1799-Napoleon came to power
  • Napoleon came to an agreement ...

    1801-Napoleon came to an agreement with the pope which recognized Catholicism
  • Made consul...

    1802-Napolegon was made consul for life. Two years later he crowned himself Emperor Napoleon I
  • Peace treaty was signed.

    1802-A peace treaty was signed but it did not last long
  • United states purchases louisiana territory from France

    1803-United states purchases louisiana territory from France
  • War broke with britiain ..

    1803- War broke with britain, Britain was then joined with Austria,Russia,Sweden,And Prussia
  • Napoleon hoped to invade ...

    1805-Napoleon hoped to invade Britain, but the British defeated the combined French-Spanish fleet at Trafalgar
  • Hidalgo Leads Mexican independence movement

    1810-Hidalgo Leads Mexican independence movement
  • Napoleon invades Russia

    1812-Napoleon invades Russia
  • A grand army...

    June 1812- A Grand army of more than 600,000 Men entered russia
  • After three days of fighting...

    August 16 1812-After three days of fighting, Napoleon led his tired army deeper into Russia.
  • Full scale battle

    September 7 1812-In the only full-scale battle between them, the French defeated the Russians but lost 30,000 men.
  • As napoleon arrived..

    As napoleon Arrived, The russians set fire to moscow, destroying three-quaters of the city.
  • After waiting five weeks..

    October 19 1812-After waiting five weeks for the Russians to surrender, the French retreated without food or supplies.
  • Not enough supplies...

    November 9 1812-There were not enough supplies to feed the starving French
  • Thoursands of Napoleons troop...

    Novermber 26 1812-Thousands of Napoleons troops died crossing the river to escape the Russians
  • The remaning 40,000 of the Grand army...

    December 13 1812-The remaining 40,000 of the Grand Army crossed the neman river, leaving russia
  • Fewer came back..

    January 1813-Fewer than 40,000 of the original 600,000 soldiers arrived back in Poland .
  • Paris was captured

    March 1 1814- Paris was capured
  • Napoleon defeated

    1815-Napoleon defeated at the battle of waterloo
  • Entered paris in triumph...

    March 20 1815-Napoleon entered Paris in triumph