French rev

French Revolution

  • Marriage of Marie Antoinette & Louis XVI

    On April 19,1770, Marie and Louis were married at Versailles. Sadly nothing happened on their wedding night. People began to blame Marie for not having a child, but it was really Louis's fault.
  • Louis XVI aids American Revolution

  • Call of the Etats-General

  • Tennis couet oath

    On June 17, 1789, The Tennis Court Oath was made. The reason for this big event was because of the growing rage for of the Third Estate of France for Louis XIV holding onto the country’s history of absolute government. The deputies, so fed up with their king, moved their meeting to a nearby tennis court instead.
  • Storming of the Bastille

  • Fish ladies attack Versailles

  • Failed escape to Varennes

  • Napoleon orders massacre of royalists protesters

  • War declared on Austria

  • Louis XVI executed

    One of the major event of the French Revolution was Louis XVI's execution. Before his execution him and his family were arested. He was tried for high treason and lost. He was sentenced to the death of the guilotine.
  • Marat assassinated

    On July 13, 1793, Marat was assassinated by Charolette Cordier. While Marat was taking a bath, Charolette stabbed him. He was found dead in his tub at his home.
  • The terror

  • Napoleon's victory in Toulon

  • Marie Antoinette executed

    On October 16, 1793, Marie was brought through the streets in an open cart. When she was on the scaffold she stepped on the execiutioner's foot by accident. "Monsieur, I ask your pardon. I did not do it on purpose." were her last words.
  • Robespierre executed

    Before Robespierre's death he was arrested. He was named an "outlaw" which ment he would be killed in 24 hours (no trial would be held). He was then sentenced to the guilotine. How irronic!
  • Napoleon's campaign in Egypt

  • Napoleon's coup d'etat over the directory

  • Napoleon crowns himself Emperor

    On December 2, 1804, Napoleon crowed himself emperor of the French. He hired several architechs to handle the temporary decorations for this prestigious event. He even hired people to make the elaborate costumes for the event.
  • Period: to

    Napoleonic Wars and political reforms

  • Napoleon defeated in Russian campaign

  • Napoleon exiled to Elba

  • Napoleon writes memoirs

    While iscolated on Elba, Napoleon began writting a book. Which he called memoirs.
  • Napoleon returns to France for 100 days

  • Napoleon defeated at Waterloo

  • Napoleon exiled to St. Helena

    On October 15,1815, Napoleon was exiled to an island in the South Atlantic Ocean called St. Helena. The European powers sent him here to esure that he wouldn't venture back to Europe. Like he did when they sent him to Elba.
  • Napoleon's death

    According to scientist, Napoleon had died from gastric cancer on May 5, 1821. Not from arssenic poisoning as speculated by others. His last words were, "France, armée, tête d'armée, Joséphine." The translation is "France, army, head of the army, Joséphine."
  • Napoleon's ashes moved to Paris