French Regime

  • New France suffering (POPULATION & POLITICAL)

    Around mid 1600's...
    New France was not developping its economy, or population. Constant Iroquois attacks. Approxiamtely 1200 well trained soldiers were dispatched.
  • Royal Governement (POLITICAL)

    It was made up of the King, the Minister of Marine, the Governor, Sovereign Council, Bishop, Intendant, Captain of the Militia and the People. Each person or people had a specific role to play in the government. Sovereign Council ran New France directly.
  • King ends monoplies (POLITICAL)

    New France was placed under the Minister of Marine (Jean-Baptiste Colbert). The king and Colbert decided to implement the Royal Government. They remain in France.
  • New method of land division (ECONOMIC, SOCIAL&POLITICAL)

    Around 1663...
    Seigneuries. The King would grant pieces of land to rich French men, seigneurs or lords. Which develop and receive rent from the peasants, the censitaires who lived on it.
    It was set up to entice settlers to come, yet it was not enough.
  • Jean Talon, intendant (POPULATION)

    Part of the Royal Government...
    Population 3000.
    Jean Talon wanted to increase the population of New France. Anyone but the French Protestants. Talon gave free land, free transportation, cash rewards, free education to the 26th child.
    Les Filles du Rois, orphans from France, brought over who were quickly married.
    Also soldiers were offered free land to stay.
  • Religion in New France (SOCIAL)

    Around or a little after the increase of population...
    Clergy was everywhere:
    Priests charge of parishes, they worked as missionaires.
    Nuns worked in hospitals, and in schools.
    Only the brightest of the boys went to seminaries, to be trained as priests. Paid for by tithe (church tax)
    Relgion was central to their lives.
  • Life in New France (ECONOMIC & SOCIAL)

    Somewhere between late 1600's and 1760...
    Settlers cared for crops, made clothing, fixed tools and prepared for winter.
    They became self-dependent, autonomous.
    By 1760, grew to become distinct set of people called Canadiens.