Petain 5 sized

France 1940-1962

  • Period: to


  • German invasion

    Germany invaded Northern France. The invasion left France split in two, with Germany controlling the North and Free France in the South.
  • Informs of requested armistace

  • Armistace signed

  • France surrenders to invading Germans

  • L'État francais born

    The 3rd Republic came to an end, Pétain's Vichy France established.
  • Period: to

    Vichy Régime

  • Principal of collaboration agreed

    Hitler & Pétain
  • Pétain addresses the French

  • German forces occupy whole of France

  • Period: to

    Provisional government

  • D-Day allied landings

  • Overthrow of Vichy regime

  • Hitler dies

  • Pétain's defense statement

  • Pétain sentenced to death

  • Laval executed

  • Period: to

    Fourth Republic

  • New constitution

  • Period: to


  • Vietnamese defeat French at Dien-Bien-Phu

  • Algerian war begins

  • Treaty of Rome establishes the Common market

  • Deadlock in Algeria leads to constitutional crisis: the Fourth Republic gives way to the Fifth

  • Evian agreements grant Algeria full independence