Floran History

By nam4561
  • The Great Migration

    This was when the Brazilian colonists migrated to an unknown island right next to Brazil and claimed the land. They called the island Flori. Brazil was looking for new land to conquer. Brazil won the war against the natives and claimed the land
  • The Florian Declaration

    This was a declare of war against Brazil by the natives of Flori. Brazil had passed the law that the poorest of the natives were to be put to work for the rest of their lives without pay. This obviosly made the colonists furious and they declared war for independence from Brazil.
  • Period: to

    The Florian Revolution

    This was the war between Flori and Brazil. The horrible war lasted 4 long years. Some important people that fought in the war were Sgt. Jose Nima and an English soldier names Jared Juden.
  • Battle of Nikkolas

    This was the final battle in which the Florian won the war when Sgt Jose Nima led the Flori forces across the river and ambushed the Brazilian in a small city known as Nikkolas. The Florian forces completely surrounded the city and captured the city. After the Brazilian General signed the Treaty of Flora, the Flori renamed their country to "Flora", meaning "Flower" in Spanish
  • The Freedom of Flora Document

    This was the first Floran document. It explains how the government of Flora works itself. It also lists the rights of each and every citizen. It was written on Mach 23rd, 1791
  • Invention of the Pickaxe

    The Florans invented to pickaxe to make it easier for them to mine. The invention of the pickaxe is a very important invention because it is used worldwide. With this invention, the Florans were able to get all the resources from the mountains from the huge mountain range that covers almost the entire west region of the country. Flora is now known because of the many spots for mining precious minerals such as diamond and gold, and lots of coal.