Five Things

  • Soccer

    when i was smaller i loved soccer i still love it now i would always learn from my dad and my brother but now everybody says i suck but i think im good i love soccer it will always be my favorite sport and it will always be my favorite sport, soccer is in my blood .
  • Music

    One day i got my first ipod and i told my brother to put all his music in there and i listen to them all the time when i was on a car ride to my aunts house and i brang my notebook and my ipod and then i drew the best music note and i showed it to my mom and she said that i did good on it and then i showed my brother and then he said that is real art and then i smiled .
  • Ferrari

    when i was about 6 i would watch a movie i forgot what it was called but it would always have a ferrari and i told my dad what is that car called and then he said it was a ferrari and then i said cool so then when i was little that was my favorite car but now its the buggati .
  • Skrillex

    Back then when i was smaller my older brother would listen to techno and electronica and dubstep so then one day thats when i started to like it but i always thought it was annoying but then one day i was in my room watching tv i think it was spongebob but my brother turned up the music louder and louder but then i was trying to turn up my tv but the music got louder so then i listened to it then i liked and i think my favriote artest was skrillex but now my brother thinks its annoying .
  • Turntables

    When i was 8 i went to one of my friends house and his brother had a turntable and we asked him if we can play with it and he said yes so we played around with it was so fun so then i was thinking about it and then i said why not be a dj so now that is my drea that i want to accoplish