first civilzations timeline

  • Jan 30, 1279

    the region of ramses ii begins

    he fights to regain control of lands in africa and western asia
  • Jan 30, 1347

    tutankhamens reign begins

    he restors the old gods
  • Jan 30, 1470

    hatshepstut dies and thutmose iii becomes pharaoh

  • Jan 30, 1515

    new kingdom begins

    through military campaigns egypt becomes the most powerful empire in southwest asia
  • middle kingdom begins

    a golden age of stability and expansion into africa and western asia
  • first intermediate period begins

    consisting of nearly 150 years without centralized leadership
  • Period: to

    The old kingdom

    The od kingdom lasted from around 2700 bc to 2200 bc
  • Period: to

    sumerian civilzation

    sumeria was the first mesopotainian grouping of city states
  • The building of the great pyrimd of king khufu at giza

  • Egypt's history begins around 3100 B.C.

    When king Menes unitednUpper and Lower Egypt into a single kingdom and created the first roal dynasty.