first civilizations: africa and asia

  • Sep 25, 750

    greek city states such as athens began to develop.

  • Sep 25, 1000

    the kingdom of isreal is established.

  • Sep 25, 1100

    the assyrians expanded across mesopotamia.

  • Sep 25, 1400

    the olmecs build the first civilizations in the americas

  • the shang dynasty of china emerges.

  • hammurabi, king of baylon, issues the worlds first written legal code.

  • the east african kingdom of nubia develops.

  • sargon of akkod conquers sumer and builds the worlds first known empire.

  • cities are built in the indus valley of south asia.

  • egypts old kingdom begins

  • city states flourish in sumer.sumerians will develop an early form of writing and produce artwork like this statue.