Fights between Hungary and the Turks

  • 1389

    First battle of Kosovo

    The Ottoman expansion reached the Balkan and in the first battle of Kosovo the Turks crushed the Serbs. At that time Murad was the Sultan.
  • 1396

    Battle of Nicapolis

    United European army fought against the Turks. Before this battle they had already met at Nicapolis, at that time Lajos was the ruler of Hungary, but this time the Turks defeated the European army and the Hungarians suffered a huge loss.
  • 1428

    Lost of Galambóc

    One of the strongest Hungarian castle, castle of Galambóc was captured by the Turks. It was one of the biggest fails of Sigismund.
  • 1442

    Battle of Marosszentimre

    First battle where Hunyadi led the Hungarians against the Turks. Owing to the hussite tactics he colud be succesful.
  • Period: 1443 to 1444

    Winter campaign

    Hunyadi János led a campaign against the Turks in the winter. The ottoman army didn't prepared for a battle, so Hunyadi was succesful.
  • 1444

    Battle of Várna

    The Turks could fight back, and crushed the Hungarian teams. The king, Wladyslaw died in the battle too.
  • 1444

    Win of Drinapolis

    The Turks suffered serious loss, and they had to evaculate their troops from Serbia.Murad II. asked for peace, so Europe could controll the west of the balkan again.
  • 1448

    Second battle of Kosovo

    The Hungarians suffered a huge defeat, owing to the treason of the Serbian prince, Brankovic. Hungary had to defense after this lost battle.
  • 1456

    Siege of Belgrade

    The Turks tried to capture the city of Belgrade, which means they would be able to controll the Danube and the river Száva, but the teams of Hunyadi János, Szilágyi Mihály and Giovanni Capistrano could protect the city and win the battle.
  • 1463

    Recapture Jajca and North Bosnia

    Under the ruling of Matthias the Hungarians could capture back some important castles, like Szendrő, Jajca and they got back north Bosnia too.