FieldTrip - Mihnea

  • Arriving

    We arrived, ate and visited "Pietroasele". After that, we went to the Muddy Volcanos. I loved to see how the volcanos were exploding. They were not actually exploading, they were making some bubbles.
  • Second Day

    We waited for the cart to arrive, and went to a farm to try some new tipes of cheese. We milked the goat and made some new friends, that were actually pigs, but we had good company. After that we went back to the pension. We ate and visited a church. Near it, it was a pig stone park, we visited that one too.
  • Leaving

    In the last day, we visited the glass factory. We saw how the glass was made and how the people in there were working. It's very hard to make glass. I thought it's very easy. After that. we went to the Pension, ate and left. We had a magical field trip! :)