Field Trip- ANDREI

  • Archaeologist

    We met the archaelogogist.He told use about the ruins that were there and that a king build a castle on a hill so they can see the enemy when they come.
  • Moddy Volcanoes

    We saw the Moddy Volcanoes.They were very moddy and we saw how the gaz gets up.
  • Farm

    We ate sheep cheese.It was delicions.It was salty.It was great there and we saw little pigs and i learned that wolf come there to eat the sheeps but the dogs protect them.
  • Making pizza

    We creat our pizza, with mozarela and salami.It was delicions.
  • Party

    We made a party.It was great.We danced and we ate snacks.
  • Glass Factory

    We saw how the glass is made,It was great, but it was very hot because it had lots of oveen.Then we saw what things do you need to creat glass.