Family History Project

  • Birth

    Was born to Linda and Mike Franklin in Davinport, Iowa.
  • Period: to

    Milke J Franklin Jr.

  • Adoption

    Removed from home of Linda and Mike Franklin and adopted by uncle Jerry and aunt Grace
  • Moved

    Moved to Moline, Illinois with uncle Jerry and aunt Grace.
  • Stole

    Stole two packs of gum from counrty store barrel. And was caught. Was forced to apoligize to store clerk and return gum.
  • Music

    Herd first Jonny Cash song. about comming down the railroad. Thought it was the greatest song ever.
  • Re-adopted

    Father returned from Veitnam War and remarried Darcy Banks and they readopted me back from uncle Jerry and aunt Grace.
  • Kindergarden

    Started kindergaurden at Adams Elementary School Davenport Iowa.
  • Staple

    Stapled index finger in Ms.Lange's 1st grade class. Spent an hour in back of class hiding trying to get staple out of finger. Was successful.
  • Fight

    Got in first fight at school. got head bashed into large school mirror. We split the cost of $40.
  • Champion

    Won checkers and chess championship for all grades(k-6) for Davenport Iowa.
  • Moved

    Moved to diffrent section of Davenport Iowa. Attened Jackson Elementary School.
  • Captain

    Named captain of my four square team. Got 3rd place and voted MVP.
  • Moved

    Returned to Adams Elementary School as parents moved again.
  • Junior High

    Entered Williams Junior High School and got 1st D on report card. Also won 7-12 Archery Championship Tournament.
  • Sports

    Played football and wrestled for Willams Junior High.
  • Moved

    Moved to Cedar Rapids, Iowa and attened Mckinley Junior High. Played football, wrestled, ran track. Was 2nd in city for wrestling. Placed 1st in high hurdles and high jump.
  • Washington High School

    Attended 10th grade at Washington High School. Had bike stolen on 2nd day of football practice. Started defensive end and punter. Wrestled Varsity. Ran Varsity high hurdles and high jump.
  • Wash Junior

    Played Varsity Football, Wrestling, and Track. Joined U.S. Navy as pre-enlisted Hospital Corpsman.
  • Senior

    Varsity Football, Wrestling, and track. All conference in all 3 sports. Lead conference as punter. Lost to undefeated state wrestling champ from Prairie twice 10-9 & 9-8. Graduated with honors.
  • U.S. Navy

    Entered U.S. Navy Boot Camp at Great Lakes, Illinois. Attened Hospital Corpsman School and graduated with honors as a color gaurd.
  • OR Tech School

    Attened US Naval School in Portsmouth, Vergina for OR Technician. Graduated with honors.
  • Iran conflict

    Iniatially stationed at Naval Hospital Camp Lejuene, North Carolina. Quickly stationed on US Guadalcanal Naval Ship which sailed to Persian Gulf for helicoptor water mining. Participated as medical team. Toured for 99 days over seas.
  • Decorations

    Received Navy Unit Commendation Medal and Meritorious Unit Medal for service in Iran Conflict.
  • Bachelors Degree

    Received BS in Health Care Management from Southern Illinois University while serving in the US Navy. Graduated Magna Cum Laude.
  • Honorable Discharge

    Honorably Discharged from US Navy.
  • Masters Degree

    Attending Boston University for Masters Degree in Business Administration.
  • Freedom

    Enjoying FREEDOM from millitary and school.
  • Masters Degree

    Received MS in Business Administration from Boston University. Graduated with Honors.
  • Medical School

    Attended East Carolina University School of Medicine.
  • Marriage

    Married Kim Reavis. Happiest day of life!!!
  • Junior

    Didactic phase of medical school complete. Clinical phases begin.
  • Daughter Born

    Sydney Nicole Franklin born.
  • Medical Doctor

    Graduated from medical school.
  • Residency

    Family Medicine Residency starts at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.
  • Son Born

    Brady Franklin delivered by me at UIHC.
  • ER Doctor

    Began working as ER doctor at Allen Hospital in Waterloo, Iowa.
  • Residency Finished

    UIHC Family Medicine Residency finishes. Begin full time work as ER doctor at Mercy Hospital Iowa City.
  • Residency Director

    Named Residency Director for UIHC/Mercy Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program for the next 4 years.
  • Home

    Over the next year, my uncle, father, and I built our home in Swisher, Iowa.
  • Softball

    Played last game of softball in Cedar Rapids as I jammed knee into 2nd base. Had knee scope the next day.
  • Big Buck

    Shot first Pope and Young buck with bow and arrow.
  • Nations Best

    Received National Recognition for being America's top Family Phycisian. Received same honors for the next 3 years.
  • Schedule Master

    Named Mercy Hospital of Iowa City Schedule Master for the ER.
  • Manchester Hospital

    Left Mercy Hospital Iowa City for Manchester Regional Medical Center. Applying for Anesthesia Residency.
  • Anesthesia Residency

    Accepted position at UIHC Anesthesia Residency Program.
  • Anesthesia

    Continuing as a Junior in Anesthesia Residency.
  • Senior

    Senior year of UIHC Anesthesia Residency Program. Received Consumers' Research Council of America award for America's Top Anesthesiologist.
  • Graduation

    Graduated from UIHC Anethesia Residency Program. Accepted position with Linn County Anesthesia Group full time.
  • LCA

    2nd year contract with Linn County Anesthesiologists.