Faith's southeast project

By sp4g1
  • Jul 29, 1500

    Spanish Exeplores

    Spanish Exeplores
    Spanish exeplores traveled though the southeast
  • May 30, 1539

    another spainsh exploer

    another spainsh exploer
    Another spainsh explorer Hemando De Soto landed in florida
  • about 100 settlers

    about 100 settlers
    A group of about 100 settlers sailed from England to establish a colong in the north America
  • James River in Virginia

    A group of 105 settlers landed on an area of marshy land on the James River in Virginia
  • important trade

    important trade
    this tiade was very important
  • The cherokee

    The cherokee
    The cherokee decided that forming a new government would help them hold on to their land.
  • Madison was the fourth President

    Madison was the fourth President
    Madison became the fourth president of the United State
  • constitution

    The cherokee wrote a constituntution
  • The civil war

    The civil war
    The civil war began in 1861 and lasted for four years.
  • united states government

    united states government
    The unted states government passed the Thirtetenth Amendment to the united states constitution.
  • many southeastren

    many southeastren
    Many southeastern states enforced Jim Crow law.
  • civil rights

    civil rights
    Many people began to work for civil right.